How to Relieve Itchy New Tattoos Easily?

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How to Relieve Itchy New Tattoos Easily

Getting new tattoos is exciting but ruined when you have an itchy and uncomfortable experience. Unfortunately, this is not a rare phenomenon to have itchy tattoos; most of the people who get their new tattoos experience discomfort and itchiness. Most of the time, it’s just because of the natural immune system, and it gets better after a few days. However, if it stays longer, it’s fine. So, How to relieve itchy new tattoos easily? 

Easy Solutions to Relieve Itchy New Tattoo:

It’s a common problem that causes people who get tattoos, but no one seems to discuss it enough. Proper solutions and remedies are crucial for a healthy tattooing experience and comfortable healing. We were on the quest to find relieving solutions to itchy tattoos, and here are a few very effective and beneficial ways you can relieve itchiness from tattoos:


Hygiene plays the most important role when getting relief from constant itchiness in your tattoo. Not only tattoos but most body parts become itchy, disconcerted, and infected if you don’t keep them hygienic and clean. This also applies to healing tattoos and taking proper measures to keep the healing tattoos as clean as possible. Please don’t overdo it since it can remove essential healing agents from the skin, slowing the process. 


You might need clarification about moisturization since damp skin conditions and moisture are the leading cause of tattoo itching. However, there is a decent difference between over-moisturization by harmful products and comfortable moisturization prescribed by experts. Therefore, it would help to use a gentle, smooth, comfortable moisturizer that suits your skin. In addition, it would comfort the healing tattoo leading to reduced itchiness.  

Comfortable Outfit and Environment 

Sometimes, itchy tattoos are not caused by an infection on the skin but by environmental conditions and your tight outfit. For example, if the weather’s too hot, cold, damp, or dry, the healing skin will be affected by it, and you might feel itching on your skin. Similarly, you might feel itchy on the healing tattoo if your shirt or dress is too tight and has no breathability. Hence, wearing soft, comfortable clothes and protecting the tattoo from harsh environmental conditions is better. 

Ice Pack

It is not a long-term solution to itchy tattoos, but sometimes the itching turns into discomfort and pain. If you are facing pain and distress in healing a tattoo, meeting with a medical professional is better. However, there is a homemade solution to numb the skin and reduce intense itchiness temporarily. You can take a bag, fill it with ice or cold water, and use it as an ice pack on the itchy tattoo. It would numb the skin and relieve itching from the tattoo. Avoid overhydration or intense pressure on tattoos while using ice packs. 

Avoid Scratching

It is also understood, but most people neglect that you should not scratch itchy tattoos, especially when they are healing. Itchiness naturally triggers us to scratch the surface and feel comfort. However, there are better options than this when trying to relieve itchy new tattoos. For example, use ice packs or prescribed products instead of starting your skin. In addition, you would add to the risk of infection if you starch your healing tattoo. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I scratch my itchy new tattoo?

No, it would help if you never starched your itchy new tattoo since it would increase the chances of allergy and infection on the skin. The best option is to use prescribed aftercare products and consult a medical professional. 

Are anti-itch creams useful for tattoos?

You should avoid using anti-itch cream on tattoos, especially newer tattoos since it increases the chance of allergy or other complications on the tattoos. Instead of using anti-itch cream, you should use a professionally tested tattoo aftercare product

Does swimming cause itchy new tattoos?

Yes, swimming can cause an itchy new tattoo for multiple reasons. First, it causes itchiness on healing tattoos because there is chlorine and harmful bacteria in swimming pool water. Moreover, swimming is not good for healing a tattoo if you are not using a saniderm on it. 

How long does the itching last on tattoos?

Itchiness can last for a few minutes to a week on healing tattoos, depending upon various factors. If the tattoo is healthy and clean, the itching is temporary, while if it’s infected, itching can last up to a few weeks. 

Is it normal to have itchy new tattoos?

When you get a tattoo, it is normal to have itching and slight discomfort on the skin. However, it should be naturally reduced if you follow your tattooing artist’s advice. If the itchiness and allergy to healing tattoos increase, you should rush for medical help immediately. 


Itchiness is common in new tattoos, but how to relieve itchy new tattoos easily? Today, we gave you a proper reason for itchy new tattoos and provided some quality solutions for the problem. If you face mild itchiness on healing a tattoo, you can apply these easy solutions, and your tattoo will be comfortable and soothing. However, if the itchiness is intense, avoid using any home remedy and consult a medical doctor for proper treatment. Thanks for reading.

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