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How To Put A Tattoo Machine Together

I will not mince words regarding the machine: sometimes, when you may not properly set up the tattoo machine. Plus, if you don’t maintain the connections to ensure a strong link. As a result, you will face a very traumatic period during the tattooing session. But how to put a tattoo machine together (beginner, advanced)?

That is to say, and you will not be able to tattoo effectively until you have learned the fundamental principles of your instrument. In this guide, I’ll show everyone how to properly set things up, then describe the process using photos of the tattooing liner that I personally own and recommend. Any queries you have regarding assembling your liners after seeing this course should not exist.

How To Put a Tattoo Gun Together:

Putting together a tattoo gun may seem troublesome for beginners, but it is a rather simple process that can be easily mastered with some practice. The initial step is ensuring you have all the necessary components. This includes the tattoo machine, grip, needle, and power supply.

To assemble the tattoo gun, follow these easy steps:

  1. Insert the needle into the grip and fix it in place.
  2. Attach the grip to the tattooing machine by twisting it onto the armature bar.
  3. Make sure it is tightened securely to not move during designing tattoos.
  4. Connect the power supply to the tattoo gun machine and turn it on.

How To Assemble a Tattoo Machine from Scratch?

Various things should be kept in mind while preparing a tattoo gun. The following are the procedures you must follow whenever you initially grab your equipment and turn it on.

Make sure your connection nut and mainsprings are both the same length.

No matter what, the point on your contact screw and front spring should be the width of a dime for machines used to line up parts. Most people learn to do this by sight, but if you have to put a dime in there to get it right, then do it!

Ensure that the width of your linework is adjusted properly before beginning a tattoo.

Insert a needle or tube into a container

The next step is to open your tube. It should be packed, regardless of whether it is disposable or autoclaved. If this is a step that you have overlooked, you should stop immediately since you do not want to take a chance on filthy equipment. We also have review of Best Coil Tattoo Machines.

Examine the point of the needle.

Inspect for deburring or flaws in the pre-sterilized needles which are used to ink masculine and appealing tattoo designs. Check to check whether any of the pins inside the cluster is twisted in any way. Because of the deburring and twisted needle, the epidermis would be bleeding further, and the inks would not be strong and sustainable, which may result in problems and the formation of scars. Trash it and start it again with the fresh tube, whether there are any burs or twists in the tubing. Understanding How To Put A Tattoo Machine Together is vital when you start your apprenticeship or begin to learn to tattoo.

Feed the tube itself into machinery as directed.

Well, that you’ve inserted the needles further into tubing, you’re prepared to put the tube through into a tubular hole just on the device’s back. Keep it moving up till you can reach the nut job that holds the tattooing nozzle and machinery on and moderately it a little at a time.

  • To input the torsion rod tip, you’ll have to spin the pin’s ocular circle to the front and then back. This ensures that now the tip is properly aligned with the actuator rod throughout the assembly process. You should see that no color is actually getting into the epidermis during the tattoo if you don’t do this. You’ll also observe that there is much extra bleeding. Pay close attention to this point.
  • Following that, apply pressure on the torsion rod to push the needle tip-off of the tube. It will assist you in determining the farther outward you will allow the needles to dangle to obtain the optimal deep setting to enter the flesh. In general, allow the tip on the needles to stick out itself approximately Sixteenth of the inches. Each stroke of the device will make every effort to make. The depth of the needles must never be over than Eighth about an inch through into the papillary dermis of a normal man’s skin.
  • Don’t tattoo on the skin when you’re not certain that you’ve read the instructions correctly. Rather, use a pumpkin or a watermelon to have your tattoo. In addition to practicing, the watermelon will get a more schematic diagram of precisely what you’re doing using the setup.

Take two elastic bands and tie them together.

The next step is to wrap two rings over the tattooing equipment and the needles to secure it in place. Ensure the binder clips are properly spaced away because this will aid in the distribution of constant force to a tip and the stabilization of any wobbling the needles may have within the tubing, accuracy, and honesty, horizontal line as your tattoo.

Tie the clip-cord

It is now the opportunity to introduce your clip-cord. After pre-tuning the tattoo machine for beginners by adjusting the communication link screws and frontal springs to a dime’s diameter, you are now ready to start tattooing. You have completed the inspection and insertion of the probe. As you put the torsion rod nip in position, ensure that the eye-loop that connects towards the needles is towards the dominant hand. It has been completed with the use of elastic bands and clip cords. You can also check Rotary Tattoo Machine.

Congrats, you have successfully configured your tattoo machine!

Tattoo gun instructions: for Connecting a Tattoo Power Supply

Tattoo Machine

What to Look for When Purchasing a Simple Tattoos Machine at advance level?

If you have recently bought a tattooing pack to design tattoos for women, inspecting the gear is usually a good idea. When you look about, you may be surprised at what you discover.

Examine all of the bolts on your equipment for tightness. As a result of the shaking, such bolts may become undone, resulting in the device’s operation being erratic.

So must have a space between machinery connection bolt and frontal springs that is approximately the length of a penny.

For the last step (this is something I like), grab sandpaper and rub-down the connection pin a few more times when you begin setting up. It cleans away the dust accumulated at the tip of the touchpoint, allowing for greater electrode material.

What kind of power source should you use?

Although there is a profusion of power sources available, all manufacturers provide the same service. In other words, a regulated transfer of electrons from the item to your device. As a result, it allows you to create tattoos at a far faster and more consistent pace than you might be capable of since you’re not using electricity. (Do you recall the needlework piece of string that was dyed with Ink? Yes, it is significantly quicker than just that.)

I’m confident in saying that, irrespective of whichever one you pick. And it will function similarly to the rest of the options on the marketplace. Of course, every brand and version would have a unique range of specific characteristics, but the overall goal would still be the same.

Is it necessary to have a digital voltage display?

Many power sources need not show the voltage which is being delivered because they are too small. Let’s not be concerned if you own any of those, just a clock with digits. It will still function correctly, but you’ll want to double-check that everything is set up appropriately.

How to ensure that my tattooing machine is physically and operationally configured correctly?

  • The space in-between the tattoo machine bolts and the frontal spring shouldn’t be wider than the dime.
  • Always ensure that cable clips are properly attached in their right locations.
  • You need to ensure that needles are properly placed through tattooing tubing.

The above elements will have a significant impact on the overall efficiency of your machine. Following your confirmation that everything is configured properly, you are ready to go onto the next stage.

Guidelines for Configuring The Power Source

Switch on the power source (referred to as PS henceforth).

Check to ensure that your heel pad and clipping cable are inserted into the appropriate places.

Put the tattooing gun in the tattoo hands and gently press on the pedal. When everything is in working order, then you may begin tattooing right away. If you ever do not immediately notice a buzzing, likely, its power has not been increased sufficiently. Gradually adjust the dial until you obtain a consistent, continuous buzzing noise.


Whereas the machinery is operating, physically inspect the extremity of a tube’s end to observe how much the tip has extended from the side of the pipe. For the lining and blender, I usually like to use larger sweeps. The idea of dragging the ink end of the tubing into the customer’s skin and tattooing the line with such brief strokes of lining is not something I enjoy doing. When you use wider strokes, you have full control over what the needle accomplishes. It may take extra effort and expertise; however, the results are incredible.

Moreover, While working with a smaller strokes configuration tattoos liner, you should really have positioned the pins to hang 1/16th about an inch above the tubes before starting. Needles must be sticking into the tubes approximately ¾ of an inch for a longer length. The needles must be hanging like almost squirting the tube when you are finished. We also have review of Best Tattoo Machines.


Afterward, tilt the tattooing gun in your direction to have the front sight of the device. Your tattooing needles must have an actuator rod nip visible in the spiral, and you’ll be able to view the loop yourself. Again, this should be trending up extremely rapidly — in fact, and it will be happening so fast that people can now not distinguish the loops on the tip.


Now check the operation is performed. The needle must be shooting out at a rate of 1/8″ to 1/16″ every second. There seems to be a little distinction, that small room seen between the epidermis. In addition, The tube’s tip allows the tattoo artist to see outlines of stencils placed clearly.

Final Thoughts

Assembling a tattoo machine is a very simple procedure. But you should understand the fundamental elements and where you should put them in the equipment.

It is important to remember not to blunt your tips when putting in your tattooing machine. Ensure the depths are right, and fasten them with rubber straps if necessary.

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