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How To Keep Tattoos From Fading

Tattooing is undoubtedly a long-term treatment that includes efforts and time. Not only do you have to go through this effortful phase, but also your tattoo artist is also involved in this time demanding effortful activity. They are entirely investing their time, energy, and skills to give an excellent aesthetic-looking tattoo experience that you need for a friendly self-transformation process. But how to keep tattoos from fading away?

The thing that might disturb you is how to keep tattoos from fading. Yes, the question is obvious, and you might be searching for its answers but do not worry; we are right here to lessen your struggles. We will guide you throughout this journey. 

Tips You Can Follow To Avoid Fading:

Here we discuss the beginner‘s steps and techniques you can opt to keep your tattoos from fading or dimming quickly. You can also use some good quality, durable, long lasting, and inexpensive serums or ointments that you can apply after or before the tattooing experience and save your tattooed skin from fading out.

Rethink Tattoo Size and Placement

The issue of fading tattoos mainly originates from the unsuitable placement and size of a tattoo on your body. If the tattoo is too small or at a body part often exposed to UV rays, moisture, and other factors, it’s guaranteed that your tattoo will fade away faster. If you want to keep your tattoos to last long, you should get tattoos on areas where rubbing, touching, and interaction are minimum.

Choosing Right Colors

Choosing and picking the right colors is also important for your longer-lasting tattoos. We all know that light, mellow, and pastel colors fade away faster than dark, vibrant, and vibrant colors. Hence, if you don’t intend to retouch your tattoo design frequently, picking long-lasting and dark colors is best.

Protection From Harsh Environment

While our skin is durable in normal weather conditions, a healing tattoo is sensitive to it. Therefore, it would help if you protected the tattoo from harsh environmental conditions at all costs, or it will heal as you wish. This results in distorted and faded tattoos despite getting normal and healthy-looking tattoos.

Moisturization and Aftercare

Following the above steps makes tattooing for men and women relatively easy. However, the best-looking tattoos differ because tattoo aftercare creams and ointments are used. It is important to maintain great colors in the beginning stages and once the tattoo is healed.

What is the Actual Cause of a Blurry Tattoo?

Blurry tattoo is directly related to fading of tattoos, and people usually wonder about the actual reason for this happening. According to most tattooing experts, there is more than one reason and causes for your tattoo to go blurry or faded. But first, you need to distinguish between both. 

While a fading tattoo is recognized due to its low color gradient, less vibrancy, and dullness of colors, the burry tattoo results from tattoo ink smudging and merging into the surrounding cells in the epidermal skin layer. So, while fading tattoos appear colorless, blurry tattoos feel like they are expanding. 

Proceeding further, these are some causes of blurry tattoos:

  • Tattoo placement on frequently moving limbs can be blurred. 
  • Having neglected and poor aftercare can cause a blurry tattoo. 
  • If tattoo equipment isn’t professional and hygienic, blurry tattoos can happen.
  • A tattooing artist’s low skill and precision can create blurry tattoo designs. 
  • Vibrant tattoo ink colors tend to form blurry tattoos after some time.

Best Products For Tattoo Aftercare

To protect your skin from allergies, you should choose to apply good quality products and ointments. They are inexpensively available in the market to give you a long-lasting yet durable tattoo experience. These products are easily accessible, and they present with you all the necessary vitamins and ingredients that your skin needs for proper growth and give you shiny and glowing tattoo ink. You might fall in love with the quality and user-friendly fragrance of these natural ointments yet body lotions. 

And the best thing that you might enjoy is these products do not show any side effects or after-effects on your skin besides giving you long-lasting, durable tattooing service, using tattoo guns. Not only might you enjoy the long-life tattooed ink on your skin but also you might want the user manual you receive along with the tattoo packages. 

Natural Techniques for Tattoo Aftercare

Here we narrate a few homemade remedies and techniques that would positively affect your tattoo ink’s health and life. You might also like and appreciate these budget-saving, inexpensive tattoo aftercare tricks.

  • Daily moisturizing is a good thing that you can opt to save your tattoo from dimming or fading out. Also, you can use UV protection body lotion to keep your tattooed skin from damaging or breaking into pieces. Moreover, you should avoid soaking your tattooed skiing into the water; for instance, it is better to skip your swimming classes.
  • The next thing that is very important to keep in your mind is to follow the instructions and guidelines from your stylist or tattoo artist. He or she will also demonstrate the tattoo aftercare methods and techniques. That would save your tattoo for the long term and make it appear shiny yet glow. 
  • Moreover, you can opt any color of your choice among multiple tattoo colors, but black and grey colors are the most prominent. And yes, these colors are darker and vibrant than other colors. These tattoo inks look more glowing and appear shiny on your skin. And you can apply various ointments to make the tattoo ink look shiny and glow.

What Happen If You Tattoo Fades

The question is obvious to arise in your mind about how it looks like when your tattoo ink fades out. The black tattoo ink, when it fades out, usually turns blue or green. The color pigments split into actual colors, and the black tattoo ink appears as green or blue on your skin with soft and dim shine. But do not worry. These colors do not fade as they are darker and bold in appearance. 

Effect of Acids on Tattoo Ink

Tattoo ink must interact with tattoo-saving creams and ointments that increase the lifespan of these tattoos. But you must know the effect of lemon juice and vitamin C on tattoo inks. Vitamin C and lemon juice would affect the upper layer of tattoo pigmentation. And it will cause tattoo fading for sure. So, you should keep these ingredients away from your tattooed skin, or it would negatively impact the natural shine and glow of your skin and tattoo ink.

Moreover, you should keep any liquid away from your tattoo that contains peeling agents. Peeling agents and chemicals would fade tattoo ink, affect, and influence your skin negatively. To save your tattoo experience and save your skin from peeling and damaging, you should protect your skin from acidic liquids and citric fruits. 

Agents That are Good for Tattoo Ink

You also know about agents and chemicals, or you can say natural ointments that are good for your skin and tattoo ink’s health and hygiene. Here we enlist a few of the well-known products that are good for applying tattooed skin to boost tattoo paint’s natural shine. Also, these ointments would positively influence the softness and smoothness of your skin, showing no side effects or after-effects. 


Tattoo treatment is undoubtedly an exciting and fantastic treatment, but it requires many skills and efforts to keep it shining for a long time. Its remedies recommend keeping your tattoo art from fading or dimming, using some natural remedies and tricks. They are very inexpensive and affordable. Hopefully, you understand all the above-given ins and guidelines on how to keep tattoos from fading. But if you still have some ambiguity or confusion regarding these tips and techniques, you can surely contact us and ask us. 

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