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We all should respect and follow the law by getting involved in tattooing only when it’s permitted by our state or region’s legislation and prosecution. The art of tattooing and inking different body parts to express different ideas and concepts is inspirational to millions today. But we should always prevent underage youngsters and ineligible individuals from evolving into tattooing or any other activity that would ultimately cause disobedience of the law. This raises the question of how old you gotta be to get a tattoo legally. The question seems pretty concerning and fair, so let’s get into answering this question with the insight of law and expert advice. 

The United States Of America has no specific restriction on the legalized age of tattooing and body piercings. But various states of the US have different laws regarding the right age for tattooing and body piercing, which can be essential to understand. If you are intentionally involved in an illegal activity, including some minors, the situation could worsen, leading to imprisonment and hefty legal charges. Hence if you are a professional tattooing artist or a tattooed person, you must know about the tattooing laws of your state. This will help you keep your activities more legalized and protected by US federal law. 

How Old You Gotta Be To Get A Tattoo Legally:

As mentioned earlier, there are different restrictions around tattooing and piercing, mainly depending on US state law. But one can only go through some state law documents to compile a list of famous tattooing states. So we did the exact job for you by providing the legislative laws of these classified regions of the world. 

Following are some of the age restrictions of different states:

Alabama State:

  • Age Restriction is not specified in the law 
  • The parents or custodians must provide written permission to the tattooing artist or piercing expert. 
  • Ear piercings are exempted from the law for body art.


  • Adults above the age of 18 are allowed to get a tattoo or piercing from a professional 
  • The underage youngster can only be tattooed or pierced if there is written permission from their parents or custodian
  • The presence of parents or custodians during the tattooing or piercing procedure is required 


  • The minimum age for inking a tattoo or piercing a body is not specified in the law
  • The presence of parents or guardians is mandatory during the tattooing or piercing procedure of minors
  • Verbal and written consent of parents or guardians is required for ear piercings of underage individuals


  • Body piercings don’t have a specific age restriction; only 18+ adults can get tattoos
  • During the procedure for body piercing, the parent or guardian of the minor child should be present 
  • Ear piercing of underage children must be done under parental or guardian supervision 
  • Piercing the nipples or genital region of the person is not allowed either; they can be tattooed 

The State Of Colorado:

  • Written consent of parents is necessary to tattoo young adults who are above the age of 18
  • Parents or custodians of such young adults should be present while the tattooing or piercing procedure is conducted

Florida State

  • Individuals above the age of 16 can get a tattoo or body piercing. 
  • The custodian or parent of the tattooed young adult above 16 should be present during tattooing with the whole process with the tattooed young person.
  • Medical doctors and dentists can be pierced during medical surgery if required. 

The State Of Hawaii

  • The restrictive age of a tattooed person is not fixed 
  • The conscious consent of the parents or guardian is inevitable for the young adult to get tattoos and body piercings. 
  • Underage individuals are free to get ear piercings without the specific consent of their parents. 

State Of Kentucky:

  • The fixed age for tattooed individuals and body piercing procedures is not specific
  • Verbal consent is not enough, as young adults need written consent form of their parents to proceed 
  • Even ear piercings of minors aren’t allowed without the written consent of their guardian

The State Of Louisiana:

  • A person above 16 can freely have body tattooing procedures and piercings.
  • Presence and noted consent of the parent or custodian will be compulsory for the tattooing and piercing of young adults over 16.
  • Guardian consent and a specific age limit for an underage child are not mentioned for ear piercings. 

State Of New Mexico:

  • Least age fixation sim not mentioned for body piercing and tattooing.
  • Moreover, the presence of both parents with mutual consent is required for both procedures.
  • Only a licensed physician is allowed to conduct medical procedures on a person.

The State Of New York:

  • All adults, including 18 years and above individuals, can get tattoos and piercings if they desire.
  • It’s illegal to pierce or tattoo an underage child without the written consent of their parent or custodian.
  • Ears piercing for minors doesn’t require written consent form from their parents and guardians.

The State Of Oregon:

  • Body piercings are excepted, but a person should be at least above the age of 18 to get a tattoo.
  • Proof of identity of the parent or guardian is compulsory to conduct the process.
  • If a physician gives authorization, an underage individual can be tattooed.

State Of Pennsylvania

  • All individuals above 18 years can get body piercings and inked tattoos. 
  • It’s illegal to conduct tattooing or piercing procedures on a minor without their parent or custodian’s consent. 
  • Ears piercing of young adults can proceed without the written approval of parents and custodians. 


The question of how old you gotta be to get a tattoo legally is challenging to answer. Still, we discussed with professional tattooing artists and legislative experts to conclude a short list of states for you. In most cases, the individual must be above 16 to get a tattoo or body piercing procedure. Hopefully, you would have understood by now that different states of the united states of America have varying laws related to tattooing and body piercing. Moreover, parental or guardian consent is also necessary for such procedures if you are a young adult. Therefore, please check the state law of your current state or region to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

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