How Long Does It Take For Snake Eyes To Heal?

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How Long Does It Take For Snake Eyes To Heal

Snake eye piercing usually takes a few months for proper healing and regularity of the skin. They have been newly popularized in the tattooing world. People are switching to getting this new piercing style because it looks stylish and glamorous. But as the trend is now, most people are not available with snake eyes piercings. So naturally, many people’s concerns and questions still need to be answered, like how long does it take for snake eyes to heal? So without wasting any time, let’s jump into the topic of discussion.  

The most concerning and thought-about aspects of snake eye piercing are its effect on the skin and the medical risks involved. So naturally, this creates confusion and disagreement among art enthusiasts and professional piercing experts. But there is no denying that it looks pretty amazing and gorgeous when pierced on the tongue. But you don’t have to worry, as we have gathered all the related information required for you to have a better understanding of snake eye piercings. 

Snake Eyes Piercings:

Now this time is not to be confused with other types of patients as they are unique and different. Snake eyes piercing have a curved barbell at each, which helps give the definitive shape. The orientation of these barbels is horizontal, with slight tipping on the tongue to provide support and comfort while wearing the piercings. A piercing artist might place it on other body parts, but most prefer it on their tongue and oral region. This adds to the concern and hygienic factors but can be maintained with proper cleanliness and a thoughtful routine. 

How Long Does It Take For Snake Eyes To Heal:

There are many jewelry options present for you for snake eye piercing. But you can wear this jewelry and ornaments on your piercing properly; otherwise, it could cause infection and other complications. This reflects the importance of the healing time of snake eye piercings. According to most professional piercing experts, it takes almost ten weeks or two and a half months for snake eye piercing to heal completely. The healing period can be reduced or increased depending on various factors involving tattooed persons. It is better to let it naturally heal, so you enjoy the experience in the long term; instead of rushing to quick healing. 

While piercings are healing, it is better for you to completely follow the prescriptions given to you by the piercing expert. This includes following all the aftercare routines and preventive measures advised by your piercing artist. Much attention and care are required if you have oral snake piercing on your tongue. One of the most important things in this aspect is eating soft and easily digestible food. It would help if you avoided sauces and spices when the snake eyes piercing is initially healing. Similarly, toxin beverages and alcohol consumption can also adversely affect your feeling and might cause an infection. 

How To Change Your Snake Eyes Piercings:

If you have ever been interested in snakes as pacing or you are wearing one, you must already know that there are snake bites on the spacings located at the lower portion. This snake bites on the piercing act as connectivity and disconnectivity joints, working as per the choice of the person. Professional patient experts mostly advise not to change your snake eyes by yourself; if you wish to change your piercing, you should get it done professionally. Professional piercing experts can help you remove your snake eyes piercing and add a new one you like. Snake piercings are not very common, and most professional patient experts avoid these kinds of piercing on clients. 

Risks Involving Snake Eyes Piercings: 

Similar to most oral procedures, snake eye piercings are also complicated and include risks. One of the most common risks involving snake piercing is that most clients face some oral infection. If you still need to cleanse the oral region and consult a professional piercing expert, it could lead to information and excessive irritation where the piercing is allocated. Additionally, when the snake bites and barbel of piercing interact simultaneously with the tongue, it might cause gum erosion and other oral diseases. Lastly, the longevity of snake piercing is very sensitive and fragile; hence frequent professional visits and constant aftercare is required to maintain the glamor and attraction of snake eye piercing. 


I hope you understand how long it takes for snake eyes to heal. It usually takes a few months for snake eyes to heal properly and provide the required presentation of oral regions. But with all the glamor and charm of snake eyes facing, there are certain health risks and medical complications too. Therefore, it would help if you also considered the risk involving snake eyes before you decided to get a snake. If you want more information related to piercings, you can consult a special session with a professional piercing artist. Thanks for reading.

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