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how long does it take a tongue piercing to close

Tongue piercings have risen to fame among the general audience due to their usage by celebrities. As much as modern stylists and designers praise it, you can’t neglect the hygienic aspects required to have a healthy tongue piercing. It is tricky to properly care for such piercings as they are located in sensitive body regions. Once you have completed the process of getting a piercing, you will have to wait for the wound to heal properly. So, let’s discuss “how long does it take a tongue piercing to close completely .”It is fun and informative simultaneously for piercing artists and enthusiasts. So, let’s get started. 

The hygiene and aftercare of tongue piercings are highly emphasized by piercing artists. Scientifically, millions of bacteria and other microorganisms are filled in our mouths every time. In the presence of such dangerous factors, if you keep your piercing unclean, there is a strong chance of developing an infection. If your piercing is infected or hurting for some reason, the next process might be the removal of the piercing. You can avoid these hassles by following the proper hygienic methods. 

Healing/Closing Time Of Tongue Piercing:

The question of how long it takes a tongue piercing to close seems very simplified at first glance. But it is not as simple as it looks; many different variables and factors affect the closing of tongue piercing. Depending upon these factors, your piercing might take more or less than the average time for a tongue piercing to close. If you read these factors properly, you will understand the reasons for the delay in completely healing your piercing. 

Following are some possibilities on which the healing/closing of a tongue piercing mainly depends:

  • On average, it takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks for a tongue piercing to close completely. 
  • If your tongue piercing was done long ago, it usually takes many days and even weeks. 
  • If your tongue piercing is completed just now, be patient, as it will close in a few hours. This is why artists instantly use rings and other jewelry once the piercing is completed. The healing of a new wound is relatively faster than an older one. 
  • Sometimes, piercing artists scratch the tongue piercing with a gauge. In this situation, your tongue piercing might never heal properly. 

Healing of Tongue Piercings:

Once you have an idea of how long it takes a tongue piercing to close completely, you can predict your healing time of yours. But if you understand the reasoning and research behind it, your understanding and skills in piercing will increase significantly. There is an average and expected healing period for these piercings, but it is subjective to the various factors that highly affect their healing. Therefore, the best advice for a tongue piercing is to let it help or close naturally and wait patiently. We have classified the phases of healing of a tongue piercing for you to understand the concept in a better way. 

Following are some important phases in the closing of tongue piercing:

Initial Healing Phase:

Tongue piercings are highly sensitive in the first few days, and you must take proper care of them to keep them healthy. Experts understand that the pierced person is so excited about the new piercing, but it is highly advised by experts not to touch the piercing. If you contact the piercing with your hand or any other object, there is a high chance of pain, inflammation, redness, and bleeding. Of Course, you don’t want that, so avoid touching during the initial healing phase of a tongue piercing. 

Ideal Healing Phase:

Once the initial healing phase of the tongue piercing is completed, another healing phase starts. In the ideal healing phase, the immune system stops reacting to the piercing as a wound. This is regarded as the most important stage in tongue-piercing healing. In this phase, you can touch the piercing with cleansed hands if required, but it is best to avoid it. The idealistic healing phase of tongue piercing can last for some months. In this phase, you must take proper care and hygienic measures with your tongue piercing. 

Matured Healing Phase:

Once the ideal healing phase is completed, the tongue piercing moves towards the matured healing phase. Once the idealistic phase is completed, the piercing isn’t vulnerable to wounds. The immune system would have created a lubricating system around the piercing. It keeps the regions moisturized as you can have your tongue pierced for as long as you desire. Furthermore, even if you leave the tongue piercing at the matured healing phase, it will still heal in a few days or weeks. 

How can I reopen the tongue piercing once it’s closed?

If your tongue piercing is closed, it is best not to enforce the reopening of the piercing. This can cause infection and severe pain in the mouth. Instead, it would help if you always visited professional piercing experts to reopen your tongue piercing. 

What can be used to keep the tongue piercing open?

Use the retainers to keep your tongue piercing open once the decorative jewelry is removed. These retainers of tongue piercings keep the piercing open without getting noticed by others. It is highly recommended for formal and authoritative meetings and institutes. 

Which are some beneficial aspects of tongue piercing?

There are many beneficial aspects of tongue piercing for different people. It shows independence and freedom for a person. Moreover, tongue piercing is not as visible to people as other piercings. There are many variations in tongue piercings to select and express your personality.

Does tongue piercing symbolize something?

Historically tongue piercing has been used to symbolize various things in different cultural regions worldwide. It was used as a means to honor idols, express the suffering of life, and presentation of one’s social status. In the modern age, it shows freedom, independence, and a sense of artistic style and fashion. 

How much do tongue piercings generally cost?

The actual cost of the tongue piercing is anywhere from 30 to 100 dollars. If you have jewelry, you can wear it on the piercing. To buy jewelry for the piercing, you will have to spend a subjective amount depending upon the quality of the jewelry. 


If left open, tongue piercings usually close or heal within a few days. If your piercing is in its initial stages, you should avoid contacting or touching the pierced region. Various factors determine how long it takes a tongue piercing to close. You must understand the possibility and phases of tongue piercing mentioned above. Generally, a piercing takes about a few months to be completely free from infection. Our mouth has many infectious microorganisms, so it’s better to take proper aftercare of the piercing. In case of any confusion or issue regarding tongue piercings, you can consult a piercing expert or medical doctor. Thanks for reading.

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