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Showering with a New Tattoo

Showering after getting a tattoo has to be one of the most frequently asked questions regarding tattoo aftercare. Even though many tattooed people don’t care about taking preventive measures, those who do are serious about it. So, how long after a tattoo can you shower normally? Many tattoo lovers don’t know the accurate response to this query and end up regretting afterward. It would be a great revision of knowledge if you already know the answer. So let’s continue. 

Let’s be clear that Showering with a New Tattoo is not a forbidden act, but the timing and methodology of showers are significant. If you don’t notice and pay attention to the timings and methods of showering, the tattoo wound can worsen. You have to follow the provided information and then continue the aftercare of the tattoo. Taking proper showers doesn’t affect healing as long as the infection isn’t formed inside the wounds. 

Suitable Time To Shower After Getting A Tattoo:

The main resistance in the shower after getting a tattoo is the condition of the tattoo and wrapping around the tattoo. Once the covering wrap around the tattoo is removed, there are no restrictions on you showering. The general rule here is that you should take showers at least after 30 hours of tattooing inking on you. This will provide sufficient time for your tattoo to heal and avoid any initial risk of infection. 

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Professional tattooing artists usually examine and look out for the condition of the inked tattoo before advising the person to remove the wrap and shower. Sometimes when a tattoo expert analyzes the tattoo, they suggest you wait a bit more before getting the skin wet. Each suggestion of the inking artist consists of dozens of reasons and experience, so you should pay great attention to whatever they have to advise. Additionally, when you shower after getting a tattoo, some methods and suggestions help you reduce the risk of complications and easily complete the cleansing process. 

Easy Steps To Take A Shower After Getting A Tattoo:

If your tattooing artist has permitted you to take showers, then the next query waiting for us is how we are supposed to take a shower properly, and the solution is also present here. We managed to consult professional tattoo artists, and they suggested some really helpful ways and broke them down into further easier steps. You can follow these steps in your showering habits, reducing infection chances in the healing tattoo. 

Following are the effortless actions to take a shower after getting a tattoo:

  • Firstly, you should properly maintain the shower’s temperature and intensity before showering. The intensity of the shower and temperature of showering water isn’t significant normally, but if you have a wound (healing tattoo), the conditions change a lot. So now you must pay great attention to whether the water should be lukewarm and the shower’s intensity should also be mellow. Using really hot water or an intense jet water shower can cause leakage of ink, itchiness, and inflammation on tattooed skin. 
  • While you shower, the tattooed skin region should never directly contact the water. The interaction of the healing wound of the tattoo with the direct and intense flow of water can cause many issues, and it’s one of the main causes of infection. The solution to this issue is using a damped cloth or other hygienic pad to cleanse the tattooed skin gently. While standing in the shower, keep the tattooed body parts away from it and cleanse the tattooed skin separately. 
  • It would help if you used a skin-sensitive and soothing soap on your healing tattoo so that the healing skin doesn’t react to the harsh chemicals. Most synthetic soaps use toxic chemicals in manufacturing, which can harm the healing tattoo. The safest and recommended option is to use an organic and mellow cleansing soap on the healing tattoo. This will ultimately reduce the chances of itchiness or irritation while cleansing and provide additional protection against infectious microorganisms. 
  • The final step in showering with a healing tattoo is to take showers as quickly as possible since a damp environment and moist surroundings are not great for a healing wound. Extended time in the shower might feel great, but it’s dangerous for fragile and sensitive tattooed skin. Moreover, dry the tattooed skin properly after taking a shower. This way, unwanted moisturization can be dried from the healing tattoo. And finally, apply a prescribed aftercare product on the cleansed tattoo for a great outcome and a healthy-looking tattoo. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I allowed to take a shower with a new ink tattoo?

If your tattoo was inked some days earlier, you should shower with the suggested method. The only restriction is that showers should be avoided in the first 20 hours of tattoo inking on your body. 

What is the prescribed way of taking a shower after getting a tattoo?

Taking a shower after getting a tattoo is easy and comforting. Firstly ask your tattooing expert to prepare a lukewarm bathing tub or shower with low-intensity water flow and apply organic and toxin-free soap on your tattooed skin. This is a straightforward method to take a shower after getting a tattoo. 

What should be avoided after getting a tattoo?

Very few, but you should avoid significant things after getting a tattoo. You shouldn’t constantly touch the tattoo, take a bath, wear uncomfortable clothes or apply greasy products on the healing tattoo. All these things are avoidant and increase the risk of infection with tattoos. 

How many calories are expected to burn during the tattooing procedure?

Tattooing is a physically challenging procedure for more than one reason, and many calories are burnt during the process. Many experts have researched and found that tattooing can burn from 250 to 400 calories. The calorie usage rate largely depends upon the dimensions and arrangement of the tattoo. 

Why showering after getting a tattoo is important?

 Although professional tattoo artists suggest the method and timing of showering after getting a tattoo, showering after getting a tattoo is important for a lot of hygienic and scientifically proven reasons. Showers help regulate body temperature, reduce anxiety and stress and regulate the blood flow into the body. You also get more hygienic, calm, and cleansed after a shower.


After reading all this useful information regarding showering, we finally know; how long after a tattoo can you shower normally. A tattooing expert explains the exact timeframe and method of showering. However, a few generalized steps and methods can be used by anyone undergoing later phases of tattoo healing. Avoid intense temperature, water flow, synthetic chemicals, infections, and moisture from the healing tattoo to ensure proper health. Using prescribed aftercare products is also really helpful in this context. Thanks for reading. 

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