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Eyeball Tattoos

Only the daredevil and high-risk-loving people can risk getting eyeball tattoos. Eyeball tattoos have been mainstream for all the good reasons. However, eyeball tattoos have dozens of disadvantages, complications, and risks. This is why we’ll discuss; the reasons to avoid eyeball tattoos. Since it will help you understand how negatively eyeball tattoos impact sight and other normal functionalities in a human body, by the end, you will be able to realize the true risk involved in the procedure and the worth of having an eyeball tattoo.

Eyeball tattooing is a new body modification that tattoo artists didn’t practice in the past. However, around 2007, eyeball tattooing started getting attention from tattoo enthusiasts worldwide. Allegedly Shannon Larratt and Luna Cobra are two tattooing artists who popularized this technique. With the rise of fame in eyeball tattoos, many risk-taking and extremist people started riveting toward this extreme tattooing procedure. However, the co-founders themselves advise avoiding getting eyeball tattoos from unlicensed and unprofessional sources. 

The Reasons To Avoid Eyeball Tattoos:

Eyeball Tattoos

It shouldn’t surprise you that eyeball tattoos are highly risky, and you must avoid them as much as possible; if you desire a normal tattoo with a decent design and better coloring. But most professionals highly suggest that eyeball tattoos are not a great idea and that avoiding eyeball tattoos is the safest approach. Many casual tattoo enthusiasts know that eyeball tattoos can be dangerous, but they need precise information. Worry not, as we already had a proper conversation with various tattooing experts, and these experts provided useful information in the process. 

Following are some of the reasons to avoid eyeball tattoos:

  • The initial reason to avoid eyeball tattoos is that there need to be more skilled professionals who agree to perform eyeball tattooing. The main reason behind these reduced numbers is that eyeball tattoos are prohibited in most regions worldwide. Additionally, a great level of skill, practice, and experience is required to ink the eyeballs of a human. All of these facts result in a need for more professional and skilled tattooing experts for the eyeball tattooing procedure. 
  • The thinking process is risky even if you find a quality tattoo artist to ink your eyeballs. We all already know that inking any skin region involves many risks since the skin layers are sensitive and thin. Now imagine how sensitive your eyes are to natural factors and then rationalize how tattooing ink would impact your eyeball. 
  • The composition of tattooing ink is not healthy for most body parts, especially the eyes. Even if you choose the most healthy and non-toxic tattoo ink, it’s still not comfortable or soothing for the eyeballs. Conversely, picking any toxic or harmful tattooing ink can lead to various medical complications. 
  • There are various medical risks in getting an eyeball tattoo since it’s a dangerous and sensitive part of your body. Getting irritation, swelling and redness are inevitable if you get an eyeball tattoo. In worst cases, eyeball tattoos can result in loss of sight, color blindness, weak eyesight, and retinal infection into the eyeball.

Alternate Of Eyeball Tattoos:

Most people aren’t passionate about getting their eyeballs filled with tattoo ink, but some do dossier eyeball tattoos. People who want to change the color of their retina or even eyeballs should switch to removable contact lenses. You might need clarification about how to use lenses to change the color of the eyeball, but prosthetic experts have developed full eye contact lenses. These eyeball lenses can easily alternate actual tattooing. The most important benefit is that these sclera contact lenses are way easier to wear and harmless compared to tattooing your eyeball. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do eyeball tattoos fade over time?

The eyeball tattoos don’t fade over time since they are permanent tattoos. The inking process of an eyeball tattoo involves depositing ink on the sclera of the eyeball. Afterward, the tattooing ink is thoroughly spread on the sclera, and permanent eyeball tattoos are formed. 

How much do eyeball tattoos hurt?

Although eyeball tattoos don’t cause much harm to a lot of clients, still professional tattooing experts don’t recommend getting eyeball tattoos. This is because pain mainly depends upon pain receptors, and the eyeball doesn’t consist of numerous pain receptors. However, the connective tissue and other parts of the eye have pain receptors, and the eyeball tattooing procedure might cause pain. 

Why do eyeball tattoos start fading?

The eyeball tattoo starts fading after a few months because of the natural cleansing mechanism of our eyes. The sclera on which the tattoo is inked is on the visible portion of our eye. The natural cleansing mechanism of our eye tends to remove any outer particles from the eye, including the tattooing ink. This phenomenon ultimately causes an eyeball tattoo to fade away. 

Can you define the meaning behind eyeball tattoos?

In most contexts, the monochromatic eye tattoo or sclera tattoo represents the divine or all-seeing eye. Now the interpretation of eyeball tattoos mainly depends upon the tattooed person since some represent divine guidance via eyeball tattoos. In contrast, others pay tribute to the evil by inking their eyeballs black. 

What is the cost of getting an eyeball tattoo?

Most eyeball tattoos cost from 350 dollars to 450 dollars depending upon various factors. The price of an eyeball tattoo depends upon the artist and their tattooing methods. 


This is all about what we learned today about the reasons to avoid eyeball tattoos. First, it’s pretty straightforward that eyeball tattoos are highly risky, and you can even lose your eyesight. Furthermore, a skilled professional is hard to find, even if you decide to get an eyeball tattoo. Additionally, eyeball tattoos cause various eye infections and complications in a person’s normal vision. Hence, it is better to avoid eyeball tattoos as much as possible.

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