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Should I Use E45 Cream For Tattoos 

Many people suggest using e45 on tattoos during the aftercare stages. However, this cream has proven to be one of the best among other healing creams on the market. It’s not the first recommendation of professional tattooing artists. The reasons, use, and importance of e45 cream deserve proper attention so let’s address the question; should I use e45 cream for tattoos? This question is valid and relevant since millions of people are using e45 cream in the US alone, and there needs to be more information related to the cream’s application in tattooing and piercings

The confusion among the tattooing community is valid and genuine since there is a clear clash of methodologies. There are enough tattooing artists who emphasize avoiding any moisturizing cream while the tattoo is healing so the natural process isn’t damaged or affected. At the same time, most professional tattooing artists advise specific products and refrain from using random products on the healing wound for a tattoo. Both statements are true but more explanation is required. You need to understand that initially, healing tattoos do not require moisturization, but after scabbing, using prescribed moisturizing creams such as e45 is helpful. 

Usage Of E45 Cream For Tattoos 

We are now at the peak of our conversation about the usage of e45 cream in the context of tattooing. So should I use e45 cream for tattoos? And would I be satisfied with the results after using this specific cream? All your questions are genuine, but we must understand the timing and method of using this product for our desired results. 

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If you can be tattooed today and the wounds are super fresh, avoiding using any moisturizer or aftercare product is best. The first day or two are important in the tattooing procedure since the wound is still fresh and sensitive to anything applied. After that, focus on maintaining hygiene and prescribed cleansing since bleeding and ink leakage is common in the first few days. 

Once the tattoo has started to heal and a few days have passed, you will notice some changes on the healing surface. There would be added dryness and scabbing on the tattoo with skin flakes. This is the clear and cut sign to start using a moisturizing cream. During that time, many tattooing artists would advise you to use e45 cream to provide the much-needed moisturization and hydration to your tattoo. 

E45 Skin Moisturizing Cream:

For those unsure of usage and prescriptions of E45, it is a non-oily and less greasy moisturizing cream mainly used to maintain moisturization levels on dry, scabby, and flaking skin. You can cure a dry wound faster due to healthy moisturizing and cleansing, and e45 is manufactured to provide it. Therefore, if you are undergoing dry wound healing, sunburns, rashes, and other skin problems, it is most likely that your medical expert will provide you with a prescription to use e45 cream or any other alternative on the market.

E45 Dermatological Cream Treatment for Dry Skin

 Active Ingredients In E45 Cream:

The composition of e45 would help you better understand the functionality and characteristics of this cream. Petroleum jelly is one of the major portions of the composition of a moisturizing cream petroleum jelly, but e45 cream has petroleum jelly in a calculated manner. With around 14 percent petroleum in composition, the e45 cream has managed to develop a moisturizing formula that avoids extra greasiness but protects from dryness at the same time. 

Similarly, anhydrous lanolin is a natural moisturization protector for your skin. The liquid paraffin, weighing around 12 percent, protects the healing skin layers. These active ingredients, among many others, combine to form an effective formula for dry healing skin. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Should you use e45 on newly-inked tattoos?

It is better to avoid using e45 cream on newly-inked tattoos since, during the first few days, the wound needs more hygienic measures and protection than moisturization. It is better to use e45 cream once the tattoo has entered the dry and scabbing stages. 

What is the appropriate time to apply e45 cream on tattoos?

Once the tattooing has experienced bleeding and the initial phases of healing, it’s the right time to apply e45 cream on the tattoo. During the dry and scabbing stage, the tattoo requires an active moisturizer with balanced functionality, and e45 cream is the number one choice. 

How good of a moisturizer is e45 cream for healing tattoos?

E45 cream is a decent moisturizing cream if you want to use it for tattoo aftercare. Unlike most moisturizing creams, e45 doesn’t cause extra oiliness and a greasy outlook on your skin. Moreover, the healing protective ingredients secure skin layers from hydration evaporating. 

What types of healing ointments are avoided for tattoo healing?

The concentration of petroleum in a moisturizing cream determines its usage on various types of wounds. For example, if you have a healing tattoo, the best approach is to avoid using healing ointments with a heavy concentration of petroleum-based products. 

Does over-moisturizing affect the healing of tattoos?

Yes, over-moisturization greatly impacts healing tattoos, but it doesn’t enhance the healing. Instead, if you apply too much moisturization cream on the tattoo during aftercare, the tattoo will slowly start fading, and the ink will disperse. Unfortunately, this ultimately means an unhealthy and abstract-looking tattoo on your body. 


Now you understand that letting our skin initialize the healing process after getting tattoos is important. Avoid using any moisturizer and aftercare ointment on the tattoo during the basic and primal phases of healing. But should I use e45 cream for tattoos? Yes, using this cream on your healing tattoo requires it. Once the tattoo enters its scabbing and flaking phase, it’s the best time to moisturize it with e45 or any other prescribed cream. Consultation from a medical professional or tattooing expert would help you understand the usage and benefits of e45 cream more descriptively. Thanks for reading. 

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