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dragonball z tattoo ideas

If we are talking about some of the most classic anime, Dragonball z automatically comes into the discussion with their iconic characters and artwork used in making tattoo ideas. Initially, dbz was about a kid from another planet and his adventures. Eventually, it has become a franchise we all love and respect. With such a decent intro, let’s get into the Dragonball z tattoo ideas and see the wonderful artwork of creative artists. 

Dragon Ball Tattoo Meaning

Although different scenarios and characters in the dragon ball franchise represent unique ideas, the fundamental theme of the anime is teamwork and friendship. The dragon ball squad, including Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, Gohan, and trunks, always find a way to fight alongside each other. 

Together they have fought universal threats like Frieza, Majin Buu, the legendary super saiyan brolly, various forms of the cell, beerus, and even other universes warriors in a tournament of champions. But these characters’ trust, positivity, and friendship remained the same in the end. This is the meaning and ideology behind dragon ball z tattoos, which are in-depth din forms of various artworks and tattooing styles. 

Best Dragon Ball Z Tattoo Designs:

There are hundreds of DBZ tattoo ideas already existing in the world and an infinite number of tattoo ideas in the dimension of creativity. However, we only picked some fan favorites and tattoo designs that could easily go along with everybody. You wouldn’t have difficulty getting this tattoo inked via a tattooing machine since a professional would happily do it. 

To kick off the listing, here are a few amazing and interesting dragon ball z tattoo ideas for you:

Dragon Ball Tattoo

Dragon balls in the series have always played a crucial role. Whenever a major plot twist or an interesting storyline has to start, dragon balls play a significant position in it. We all know the anime ritual in which you must collect all seven dragon balls to summon the dragon and make a wish. This tattooing idea represents the expression of desires and life goals, so how about getting a dragon ball tattoo?

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Goku Tattoo Ideas

It’s impossible to know the dbz franchise and still be unfamiliar with son-goku, more commonly referred to as goku. He is the lead protagonist in the dragon ball z series and shows all characters of a great heroic character. We all have seen goku from an orphan to an adopted small kid to a learning dragon ball fighter and finally becoming the most accomplished Saiyan. The life journey of Goku makes for a great tattoo idea. 

dragonball z tattoo ideas
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Broly Tattoo

Let’s be honest for a second; we stop being biased towards Goku and Vegeta and measure all Saiyans based upon their raw strength and brutal force; no one comes closer to the legendary super-saiyan brolly. Like Goku, he is also raised away from his home planet, but his power and abilities are far-fetched his capability to control them. Rightfully, brolly is the raging and obnoxious fighter in dbz. This colorful brolly tattoo shows his strength and abilities precisely. 

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Vegeta Tattoo 

You can’t always be blessed and superior since greatness comes from your work and the energy you give to others. Vegeta is a prime example of an underdog who can easily become the greatest, but his personal ideas and internal conflicts stop him from achieving them. Everyone loves Goku, but it’s evident that the day Vegeta sorts out his inner demons, we will see the most skilled Saiyan of all time. Ultra-ego Vegeta is being discussed alongside ultra-instinct goku, and they perfectly balance the light-dark balance. Check out this ultra-ego Vegeta tattoo. 

dragonball z tattoo ideas
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Bulma Tattoo

Bulma doesn’t have any super-saiyan abilities or superhuman strengths, for that matter, but she is stills regarded as a great character. She is among the primary female characters who promote strong will and courage for young girls watching anime. Bulma was more prominent in the initial dragon ball z phases, but she is important regardless. She is the love of life for the crown prince of Saiyans Vegeta himself, and no one messes with her; ask beerus!

dragonball z tattoo ideas
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is the strongest character in the dragon ball z franchise?

If we talk about the ultimately strongest and most capable character, Zeno is unofficially declared the omni king and the lord of the dbz multiverse. Despite being insanely powerful, Saiyans are just pawns to the Zeno. 

Who is the greatest Saiyan of all time?

Goku is the greatest Saiyan of all time if we discuss power, skills, will, and character arc together. Brolly is the most powerful, Vegeta is the most skilled, Gohan has the greatest will among all Saiyans, and trunks have the best character arc and storyline. However, they all lack significantly in other aspects, so debates end with Goku being the greatest. 

Why dragonball z had z in the end?

Dragon ball z was intended to be the end of dragon ball’s initial fictional dimension, so z in dbz represented “zentai.” It is translated to last time, but gladly dragon ball z proceeded to create anime and memories for us. 

Are dragonball z suitable for young children?

We can’t neglect the movement fighting styles and brutal fight scenes, but dragon balls are created for young children and kids. It is hard to understand now because the dragon ball is a cultural icon, but it all started with a kid on an alien planet and his small adventures. 

What are ultra instinct and ultra ego?

Ultra instinct and ultra ego are two peaks of fighting styles. Ultra instinct is the defense and skills mastered to the heights, while ultra ego is pure wrath and offense. Likely to their personalities, Goku possesses ultra instinct while Vegeta has an ultra ego. 


This was all about the Dragonball z tattoo ideas up until now. But if you continue to show love for our content and tattooing ideas, we will surely introduce more styles and designs to you. Also, there are some other great characters, like Gohan, trunks, Krillin, Piccolo, and master roshi, which are not listed in tattoo ideas. Moreover, antagonists like Frieza, beerus, cell, and Buu, among many others, are missing. So, make sure to check for them, too, shortly. Thanks for reading. 

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