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Digital Tattoo Power Supply 2021

Digital tattoo power supply is the new trend among people who are into tattoos. Digital tattoo power supply is used to carry the electricity that helps in powering up some electronic devices like Digital Tattoos. Digital tattoos are the latest gadgets that are very popular these days, and they come embedded with the latest technical features, which require high voltage to run them. Digital tattoo power supply uses a DC voltage of 90 to 260 volts depending on different countries from where it is being used.

Digital Tattoo Power Supply

Without the right kind of power supply for our tattoo machine will not work effectively, and if the power supply does not give them efficient current flow, they will also damage our expensive tattoo machine. Today, here we have reviewed the tap tattoo power supply that will run your tattoo machines. They will work with both liner ns shader. Generally, power supplies work with 110-210 volts.

The primary purpose of using a power supply is to transfer electricity to your equipment. It reduces the voltage level of direct current, which would be suitable to operate your machine. A tattoo DC supply can be of two types; one is rotary, and the other is a coil. Simultaneously, rotary machines use a DC electric motor, and the coil machine uses coils of wire wrapped around a steel core. We also have information related to the Best Electric Chair Tattoo.

Using the RCA connector can ensure that the current is fed into the tattoo machine without causing any interference. Make sure your power supply is well-matched with these ports required by the tattoo machine. Many companies manufactured different kinds of power supplies with the latest technology with the research of scientists.

Undoubtedly, these power supplies are prepared by well-known companies long-lasting because of their excellent quality. The material used in their manufacturing is of the best quality. Here we present you the most desired and demanded digital tattoo power supply that is best. Now, you look at each of the following products and feel free to give us your feedback and ask us for any of your queries regarding these products’ quality and services.

List of top-rated digital tattoo power supply

  1. BRONC Professional Tattoo Power Supply
  2. BIOMASER HURRICANE Tattoo Power Supply Kit
  3. BRONC Professional Dual Digital Tattoo Power Supply
  4. Aurora Power Supply
  5. TATELF Digital Tattoo Power Supply
  6. JellyfishPro Tattoo Power Supply
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BRONC Professional Tattoo Power Supply

BRONC Professional Tattoo Power Supply

Do you want to monitor the power supply while working closely? If so, this option can provide all the information you need. It has a large digital screen so that you can get readings at a glance. The bright blue numbers tell you the output voltage, and the illuminated settings provide apparent lessons in dim or bright environments.

The digital display also makes operation easy. You can use the integrated memory mode to switch between your favorite lining and shading modes. Choose between the traditional footswitch and the maintained footswitch mode to suit your preferred way of working, and toggle the switch device.

If you are traveling on business, this accessory is useful. It is compact and lightweight so that you can slide it into a carry-on bag for safe transportation. The power supply is connected with a standard adapter to ensure easy setup. The product provides an output voltage between 3 volts and 18 volts, providing you with a wide range of options suitable for most tattoo machines. 

It has a built-in current overload protection system that helps regulate input power and protects internal electronic equipment from unexpected power spikes. You can safely use this product in the temperature range of 41 degrees to 113 degrees. In other words, it can be used safely in most professional or outdoor environments. You can even get tattoos at festivals or concerts without worrying about overheating.

BRONC Professional Tattoo Power Supply Features:

  • High-visibility screen.
  • Convenient memory modes.
  • Easy operation.

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BIOMASER HURRICANE Tattoo Power Supply Kit

BIOMASER HURRICANE Tattoo Power Supply Kit

Biomaser Hurricane comes with various connector options so that you can use it on almost all tattoo machines. It is specially designed for a rotating tattoo system. Equipped with a conveniently adjustable base compatible with most desks and workstations; it holds the screen at an easy-to-view angle for easy reading. With its compact and lightweight design, this model is easy to carry.

The highlight of this display is a prominent display. There are bright blue letters on the digital screen, easily prepared under any lighting conditions. Many numbers can accurately show the voltage output you are using, eliminating guesswork and ensuring that the correct settings are always provided for your machine.

At work, the last thing you need to do is to stop fiddling with complicated buttons and dials. To help you quickly adjust settings, this unit has large, easy-to-read buttons. The clear label is easy to reduce or increase the voltage; you can also promptly click to switch between lining and shading. Or, protect up to six different configurations and quickly select the options you like. Your presets are protected, so you can connect them to other machines without losing your settings.

BIOMASER HURRICANE Tattoo Power Supply Kit Features:

  • Easy-to-use buttons.
  • Illuminated display.
  • Compact and portable.

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BRONC Professional Dual Digital Tattoo Power Supply

BRONC Professional Dual Digital Tattoo Power Supply

BRONC is a perfect choice for tattoo types of equipment. It is a user-friendly tattoo power supply. The BRONC power supply can be used for two tattoo machines. It has 12 pretest channel voltage buttons; v1 and v2 are used to save your favorite voltage settings. 

All digital power supplies come with a blue LCD that shows you the voltage, duty, and speed. It has a colorful HD LCD & high sensitivity touch penal. This power supply is an accurate time-frequency display, load percentage display, and smart time record functions.

The circuit board chip uses 24K gold plating technology, anti-corrosion even in a humid environment. If aimed at any cause, you are not happy with the power supply so contact us. If you are interested in this power supply, it is the best choice. 

BRONC Professional Dual Digital Tattoo Power Supply Features:

  • Used for two tattoo machines
  • Colorful HD LCD
  • High-sensitive touch
  • Real time-frequency display
  • 12 pretest voltage channel button

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Aurora Power Supply

Aurora Power Supply

Aurora is one of the ample power supplies. It is compatible with all rotary and coil tattoo machines, plus the aluminum housing is available in a variety of colors. You can socket in two devices at once and switch between them with the press of a button. It accepts quarter-inch mono plugs for standard clip cords.

Although it doesn’t have preset voltages, it has an LED for digital fine-tuning. Also, it supports two-foot pedal modes: momentary or maintained. Secure it to your workspace with the built-in magnet or suction cups.  It does look like some strange LED light, like the other products we have shown, it is a professional high-quality dual tattoo power supply, suitable for connecting both the shade and the lining machine to the same box. This simplifies the setup.

It can operate at any voltage from 120 volts to 220 volts and provides voltages from 1 volt to 18 volts, ensuring that it can be used with almost any tattoo machine. To say that this is portable would be significant harm. It is evident from the picture that it can be carried with you.

The power supply has a convenient non-slip base and built-in magnet to ensure that it will not easily fall off any desk or table. So, if you are always on the road, traveling, again and again, creating novel and beautiful works of art on the client’s canvas, that is the ideal choice.

Aurora Power Supply Features:

  • Compatible
  • CNC machine
  • LED display voltage
  • Dual machine power supply

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TATELF Digital Tattoo Power Supply

TATELF Digital Tattoo Power Supply

There is a shielding film on the screen; tear it off then you will find there is no scratch on the net. The package does not include a foot pedal because it works great without a footswitch. Tatelf tattoo power supply equipment can be used for both rotary and wound coil tattoo machines. Please pay attention to the voltage range if you use it for rotary engines.

The digital LCD design makes the power supply easier to read. Bring you the perfect tattoo and microblade experience.  It has a touch control button, LCD, overload protection built-in, liner or shader presets with memory modes.  It uses a standard adapter connect to the power supply through the “DC/19” socket. This product is protected by one year warranty if you have any problem do not hesitate to contact us.  This is a tattoo equipment supplier with their factories. You might recognize them.

You can switch on this power supply quickly. When plugged into the power supply, press the power button for 5 seconds to switch on or another second to switch off—press 5 seconds on the foot pedal to switch on the touch power button to start and stop the power.  Touch the time button to start the time, and there will show of the working time on the screen, long-press time button to reset the total working time.

TATELF Digital Tattoo Power Supply Features:

  • LCD display
  • Touch control button
  • Overload protection
  • Protected by one year warranty

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JellyfishPro Tattoo Power Supply

JellyfishPro Tattoo Power Supply

It is an advanced digital microprocessor controlled unit. Jellyfish pro tattoo supply is the choice of voltage increment 1v, 2v, 5v, precision regulated voltage output 0-18v. It has better heat dissipation and lower temperature rise. The tattoo power supply allows up to 4 machines preset memory modes for liners and shaders. Voltage power or speed is evident on the blue slope liquid crystal display. 

The digital LCD power supply has a magnetic base attached to the iron’s surface to prevent the tattoo power supply from falling. This power supply contains a continuous mode of push on and off or conventional pedal function. It has non-volatile memory that holds time and presets even when power is removed. 

This power supply is as exemplary is not better than some real high dollar power supplies. If you are thoughtful of buying one do it, you won’t be disappointed. This is great for beginners.

JellyfishPro Tattoo Power Supply Features:

  • Non-volatile memory
  • Advanced digital microprocessor
  • Liner and shader preset
  • Smart pedal technology

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Things You Should Consider Before Buying These Digital Tattoo Power Supply:

You keep in mind a few things when you shop for the desired digital tattoo power supply. Here we will share a few silent features and common attributes that are up here in the entire tattoo mentioned above the digital tattoo power supply.

Firstly, the most exciting thing is that you would aspire to and enjoy these tattoo stencil features. Secondly, you have to see the quality and the functions of the henna stencils.

  • Portability, size, and weight
  • Supply Voltage
  • Budget

Portability, Size, and Weight:

Portability, size, and weight are all features of a tattoo power supply, and you need to include them in your decision-making. Please carefully consider where you will be doing most of your tattoo work.

Some of them are light, compact, and very portable, making them ideal for travel tattooists. However, if you work in a store, you should still consider a lighter option, but that option can provide enough power to cope with your artistic workload

Supply Voltage:

It would help if you appreciated the fact that the tattoo machine has various power supplies with different voltage outputs available. You will find that some power supplies produce voltages as low as 3 volts, while others can produce voltages as high as 15 volts. However, more portable options can even be as low as 1 volt. The best way to explain voltage and what it means to the power supply is that the higher the voltage it provides, the better a unit and the more powerful it.


We use a budget as the last factor because it is not the first thing you consider. You may think that you have saved some money and bargained by buying cheap power supplies, only to find that its false economic performance is due to the low price. This does not mean that you should not let your budget determine the scope of your purchase.

Facts about Digital Tattoo Supply:

How Important Is The Power Supply For Tattooing?

The tattoo power supply helps to generate the power of current that is passing to the machine.

How Does A Tattoo Power Supply Work?

The tattoo power supply helps to regulate the power of the current flowing to the tattoo machine. You only need to insert the tattoo machine and the foot pedal, and then you can adjust the voltage of the tattoo power supply when the device is turned on.

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