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Can Models Have Tattoos

While some meddling forms allow you to have tattoos, it is not highly recommended to have visible, offensive, and large tattoos if you are a professional model. There are enough models in the past who have complained about having tattoos and their effect on their careers. Hence, it is better to be more alert and careful about getting tattoos because most formal, and appearance-based professionals usually get affected by huge and vibrant tattoos. But the modern evolution of humanity has led to more liberty and freedom in professional work environments. So, let’s discuss; can models have tattoos during their modeling career? 

The earlier part of the conversation is true because you need to be much more careful when your career is rising, and you are still learning. Once you are an established model working with reputed designers and modeling platforms, you can customize your body according to your choice. You must have seen many professional models with tattoos, but most are already co-signed with designers and modeling firms. 

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Can Models Have Tattoos While Working for Luxury Brands? 

Models can have tattoos while working for luxury brands, but it’s not a universal rule. Although most luxury brands and modeling agencies are accepting and liberating, some stick to their culture or regulations. In the past, luxurious brands were way more fixated and rigid towards models than their evolution in the present. You wouldn’t lose your modeling opportunities with luxury brands just because of your tattoos. Even if there is some problem, you can always try negotiation. There are second skin and fake sleeves, which can help you with the tattoo policy for your dream job. 

All you need to remember is the difference between a regular modeling agency that shoots for magazines and luxury brands and companies. If you prove that your modeling and portrayal would help the brand achieve its goals, they will be more accepting of your outlook, especially tattoos. However, being a luxury brand also means they would have more at stake, and their reputation makes them a luxury brand. So if they believe tattoos and piercings don’t help their image, it’s more likely that they wouldn’t be hiring tattooed or pierced models. 

If the luxury brand is clear and doesn’t allow piercings or tattoos, you have to choose. Life gives such situations where there are two alternate ways. Whatever way you choose, the working opportunity with a known brand or your tattoos, we wish you the best. But you can already avoid all of these inconveniences and problems by discussing their modeling policies before volunteering for the opportunity. 

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Can You Be a Model With Tattoos in the Fashion Industry?

Of Course, you can have tattoos and still be an integral part of the modern fashion industry. In the past fashion, models have faced real-time difficulties working on their careers with tattoos. However, with the evolution of modern society and the fashion world, small and decent tattoos are now acceptable in the modeling business. Nevertheless, most old-school modeling agencies still prefer small and hidden tattoos, if none. So, discussing it with your officials before getting one is way better. 

Can Models Have Piercings?

It depends on the modeling agency, but most fashion businesses accept nose and ear piercings. So, Can models have piercings? Of Course, but if we talk about belly piercings, septum piercings, or other types of piercings, it can cause problems with your modeling company. The thing about tattoos is that they are related to piercings, but people are more accepting of tattoos than piercings. So, if you have a generic type of piercing, it won’t be a big deal, but if your piercing is unique, it could lead you to some discussions with a modeling agency. 

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Can Models Have Tattoos During Their Modeling Career:

It is no new information that tattoos have expressed boldness and confidence throughout humankind’s history. However, professional modeling is generally considered an appearance-based, formal, and famous career. Previously tattoos were considered rebellious and bad influences on the natural human body. This is why models in the past were discouraged from having tattoos on their bodies. The modeling industry completely forbids especially large, colorful, and sensitive tattoos. 

In the modern fashion and modeling industry, tattoos have become more acceptable and encouraged in recent decades. Now professional fashion designers and model scouts don’t have a lot of issues and problems with tattoos, piercings, and body markings. Even though different cultural backgrounds have certain ideologies and perceptions about tattoos, the global modeling event doesn’t mind models with smaller and minimalist tattoos. Nowadays, even top-tier fashion models are seen with different tattoo styles. However, there is no denying that some traditionally minded modeling forms have strict policies about tattoos and piercings. 

How To Be A Model With Tattoos:

There is an easy and practical solution to be a professional model with your favorite tattoos; you have to keep your tattoos minimalist, simple, and less visible in natural appearance. That means avoiding getting colorful and large tattoos on your face, neck, hands, and chest. Most modern modeling opportunities are okay with simple and minimalistic tattoos so that you can enjoy your professional modeling experience. However, if you insist on having visible and bold tattoos, the most appropriate thing would be to wait until you are a well-established model in the industry. Then you are freely getting your preferred tattoos on your body. 

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Tattoos and Modeling:

There is a shaking relationship between tattoos, body marking, and fashion modeling. The most significant and rational argument placed in this conversation is that modeling is a career that requires focus on the presented products, which are usually the dresses written by models. Therefore, most models are naturally beautiful, and designers avoid extra makeup because they should focus on the dresses. Resultantly tattoos are advised to be avoided by professional models since they might cause a distraction to the audience. 

Additionally, elite fashion brands have an unsaid narrative and marketing strategy that their products are not common and for the masses. Traditionally tattoos have been linked to common, lower-class, struggling, and rebellious members of society. So luxurious brands avoid tattooed models, especially at the beginning of their careers. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can models have tattoos professionally?

Yes, you can be a professional model with tattoos. Most modern fashion and modeling industries have no problem with small and simple tattoos on models. You have to locate and explore modeling opportunities that don’t have any reservations regarding tattooing and body piercing. 

Do Victoria’s Secret models have tattoos?

These days, with innovation in the fashion and modeling world, Victoria’s Secret models are also allowed to have tattoos. The only prohibition of high-end modeling platforms is to avoid offensive and sensitive tattoo designs

Do professional models have body piercings?

Professional models usually have body piercings; only the pavement and quantity of piercing affect the modeling scouts’ thoughts. You are encouraged to have ear and nose piercings, while belly rings are also allowed. The Worst case scenario is that you might have to remove some piercing jewelry while modeling. 

Which professional career doesn’t tolerate tattoos?

Finance, banking, and economics are the most notorious professional domains which don’t tolerate tattoos. These interlinked professional careers have a strict policy regarding body inking and tattooing because it’s considered against the public’s trust perception in finance. 

Can models have tattoos and success in their careers?

Yes, tattooing does affect your professional modeling career of yours. The tattooed models usually need help getting professional work and projects. However, if you are already a well-established and active model, small and minimalist tattoos wouldn’t negatively affect your career. 


Next time someone asks you, can models have tattoos during their modeling career? Share all of the important key points discussed here today. This would help them to understand the complex relationship between body tattooing and professional modeling. The key role is to keep the tattoos minimalist, simple, and small so that it doesn’t distract the audience. Your position and reputation in the fashion and modeling industry also play an important role if we discuss tattoos and modeling. If all of this information was helpful, consider discussing it with others for better understanding and awareness among the public.

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