Best Tattoo Shops In Phoenix

Best Tattoo Shops In Phoenix in 2022

The best tattoo shops in Phoenix will be the ones that offer you everything you need. First, you want a clean, well-lit space to ensure your safety and peace of mind are taken care of, both before and after the process has begun. This means that your potential tattoo shop should have sterilized needles, fresh ink, and a full range of colors for shading. Then, in this designated sterile area, they can take care of the work while it’s being done to prevent infection from going any further than just skin deep.

Best Tattoo Shops In Phoenix in 2022

You’ll also want talented artists to give you the tattoos you want so badly but experienced enough to know when not to do it! Even if something about this art form or studio makes you nervous, you should still go with your gut and return to a place where you feel safe. If the tattoo shop cannot provide a clean, well-lit environment, it is not appropriate for you to give them your business.

Find the Right Tattoo Artist

In addition to that, you must have a good rapport with the artist who will be taking care of your skin if they’re going to do a good job. If there’s something about them that doesn’t sit right with you or puts off bad vibes, find another person to help bring your vision into reality! You want someone who cares about their work and busts out amazing tattoos every time because this indicates their dedication as an artist and means they take pride in their artistry.

A great tattoo shop will also have an excellent reputation in the area. This way, you’ll know what to expect when you come in for your next session. You want someone experienced and well-liked because this means they care about having happy customers who leave with a great tattoo each time due to their high standards of excellence.  Additionally, if you live in Dallas or Houston, we have covered you.

Finally, remember that reviews are everything. Look up reviews online to find out if this shop has any history or controversy attached to it that could affect your choice before you visit it in person! By doing just a little bit of research, you can make sure the place where you get your tattoos done will give them to you looking clean and beautiful every single time!

Our Top Recommendations For Best Tattoo Parlors in phoenix

  • Lost Dutchman Tattoo 
  • 27 Tattoo Studio
  • Divinity Tattoo
  • Golden Rule Tattoo Camelback
  • High Noon Tattoo
  • GreyWash Tattoo Shop
  • Solace Tattoo Phoenix

Lost Dutchman Tattoo 

Tattoo Company

The tattoo artists at Lost Dutchman Tattoo are experienced and use this experience and a client’s personal needs to create an exact design that will suit them perfectly, no matter what they want on their skin. In addition, they employ high standards for excellence in all of their work, so you’ll never end up with something you’re not happy with later down the line. Our main priority is providing that our customers leave fully satisfied with their tattoos everything we do; we always go the extra mile to make sure you’re 100% happy.

27 Tattoo Studio

27 Tattoo Studio is a tattoo shop that was built in 2010. It provides a better option to the typical tattoo culture. The husband and wife team of Anthony and Apryl Triana are behind the founding of the creative shop. Its signature clean environment is one of its unique charms. They are an all disposable shop wherein they use plastic to prevent re-use instead of steel. Though sterilization removes pathogens from the equipment, 27 tattoo studios also believe that removing all remaining skin debris may cause infections after getting tattoos done. Their artists have Blood Borne Pathogen certification, which means they follow sanitation practices during procedures and after every client/patient encounter for this reason.

Divinity Tattoo

tattoo studio

The artists of Divinity Tattoo are skilled in various body art styles such as Asian, custom work, and floral designs. The shop is located in Arizona and employs several body art geniuses. They are enrolled yearly in the Blood Borne Pathogen certification program, where they learn about sanitation and hygiene standards. To carry out the sterilization of equipment, the artists use MidMark M7 Speedclave monitored monthly by a biological monitoring service.

Golden Rule Tattoo Camelback

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Golden Rule Tattoo Camelback is an award-winning studio located in Arizona. Over the years, they have been awarded the best tattoo shop five times and claimed to be home to the best tattoo artist three times. They use their skills in a good location and unmatched service to set themselves apart from other studios. Despite being experts in their field, artists at Golden Rule Tattoo continue learning through attending training courses every year, which allows them to access the additional knowledge necessary to carry out a safe and hygienic procedure. 

High Noon Tattoo

Best Tattoo Shops In Dallas

The High Noon Tattoo Studio staff will make your experience a pleasant one. All tattoo artists are experienced and certified professionals with high attention to detail. The studios keep the most common types of ink colors, equipment, and machines needed for most tattoos, so you can get what you need without delay. Whether you want a small or large piece of art on your body forever, the studio will cover any special requests that might arise during your appointment.

GreyWash Tattoo Shop

tattoo shop

The staff at GreyWash is more than helpful when giving you advice on what tattoo design might be right for you. Additionally, there are more offers available that the shop has to offer. There’s a lot of information on custom-made designs, which can help if you’re looking for a truly unique tattoo piece.

GreyWash tattoo shop has some of the most beautiful tattoo portfolios we’ve seen out there. The whole tattoo studio prides itself in a beautiful tattoo studio with separate rooms that allow you to easily relax while getting your tattoo work done as much as possible. We also like the studio’s friendly and helpful staff that will help you choose the right tattoo to match your style and personality. In addition, there are various offers available that might interest you when it comes to getting new tattoos.

Solace Tattoo Phoenix

tattoo studio

Suppose you decide to venture around this tattoo studio, surrounded by other tattoo studios, museums, and other artistic sights. In that case, you’ll be surprised by the hospitality and kindness of the tattoo artists that work there. Their simple website is easy to navigate, so you can easily make an appointment. Unfortunately, this tattoo studio is only for booking, and you’re likely going to have to make an appointment several weeks before getting a spot for your next great tattoo. Keep in mind that it might take even months before your appointed date arrives.


A good tattoo shop will provide you with everything you need, like fresh ink and sterilized equipment, as well as talented artists who make sure your tattoos look clean and beautiful every time. Also, look for reviews online to find out if the place is safe or controversial! The best tattoo shops in phoenix also have excellent reputations that will leave you with great results each time. Everything must be made sure of before you visit any potential tattoo shop so that you can have a great experience there! Additionally, if you live in San Antonio or Chicago, we have covered you.

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