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Best Tattoo Pen Machine For Beginners 2021

Years ago, if you wanted to get a tattoo, your only option was to find a reputable artist who could hand-poke the design into your skin. Today, however, a variety of Best Tattoo Pen Machine For Beginners are available that make it possible to get a professional-looking tattoo at home. If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, you may be wondering which machine is the best for beginners.

In general, Rotary Tattoo Machines are considered the best for beginners because they are less likely to cause pain and are easier to control than Coil Tattoo Machines. Additionally, Rotary Tattoo Machines are typically less expensive than Coil Tattoo Machines. Of course, the best tattoo machine for you ultimately depends on your personal preferences. If you’re not sure which type of machine is right for you, we recommend that you speak with a professional tattoo artist who can help you make the best decision for your unique needs.

Tattoo Pen Machine For Beginners:

When picking up a tattoo machine, you have a lot of options, including the pen, rotary, and coil tattoo machines. All of these tattooing machines have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

Following are introduction and usage of each type of tattoo machine:

Pen Tattoo Machines:

Pen tattoo machines are lightweight and compact, making them easy to handle and control for a new user or learner. The pen design also allows you to have more precision and accuracy when creating anime and fictional tattoo designs

Rotary Tattoo Machines:

Rotary tattoo machines are also an option for beginner tattoo artists. They can be used for both lining and shading a tattoo, making them versatile for a number of male tattoo styles

Coil Tattoo Machines:

Coil tattoo machines are a traditional option that has been used in the tattoo industry for years by now. These machines are often preferred by experienced tattoo artists for their power and versatility. They can be used for lining, shading, and coloring, and are particularly well-suited for creating bold, solid lines for female tattoo ideas.

Top-Rated Tattoo Pen Machine For Beginners 

Tattoo pen machines are trending yet top-ranked, followed by tattoo lovers and addicts to tattoo art. Especially those who are beginners would love and appreciate these tattoo machines. 

  1. Dragonhawk Tattoo Machine Kit Rotary Tattoo Pen
  2. Wormhole Cartridge Kit for Beginners
  3. Dragonhawk Complete Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit
  4. Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Machine Kit
  5. Wormhole Wireless Rose Red Tattoo Machine Kit
  6. Solong Complete Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit

Dragonhawk Tattoo Machine Kit Rotary Tattoo Pen

Dragonhawk Rotary Pen Tattoo Machinery With Power Supply Gadget 20 Pieces Needles

Dragonhawk Mast is the best wireless tattoo machine. Also, it has a sturdy fabrication, the latest technology break-free material, and user-friendly innovative packaging available within this product. You would love and appreciate the long-lasting, durable service. That is up here in this product to entertain you for a long. 

Finally, you would enjoy the set of sharp-edged needles, paper roll tape, power supply devices, and hand carries cases. These instruments that are present within the package are easy to use and simple to work with. But yes, if there is some ambiguity, we provide you with a user guide and needle chart that illustrates the proper way to use this device in a step-by-step procedure.

 Yes, you must go and get this purposeful device for you and your loved ones who are close to your heart. Yes, it is well said; as you know that sharing is caring, so do not waste your time. This item is up here for a minimal time. Get it or add it to your shopping cart before it runs out of your access. Also, you can check Best Tattoo Pen Machine Kit.


  • 3.1 pounds total weight.
  • Power supply gadgets.
  • Power generating motor.
  • Roll of paper tape.
  • A foot pedal and a hand-carry case.
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Wormhole Cartridge Kit for Beginners

 Wormhole Tool For Initiatives Professionally Sound Complete Package

Tattooing your arms, legs, back, and sensitive body parts, for instance, scalp, eyebrows, and lip, is not a painful complete, or expensive task now. Yes, you can do this DIY creative body artwork by yourself now. Here we represent you with a very inexpensive budget-saving easy-to-use wormhole pen tool kit for beginners.

This tattoo pen is good for all but especially perfect for those at the beginner level who want to express their creative talent. Wormhole tattoo kit shares all the necessary components and instruments that a tattoo designer needs to create body art. 

You can now entirely express your thoughts and emotions via tattooing arts, the work of creativity and skills. And yes, here we enlist the gadgets that you have to deal with in this wormhole kit package. Medical tape roll, collection of needles, power supply tool, set of gloves, ink cups, and a battery. 

 To conclude, if you have any issues regarding operating performance, functionality, or quality, you must always feel free to contact us. We are still here to respond to your queries and feedback immediately. 


  • Total mass 2.91 pounds.
  • Device is a complete package of tattoo kits.
  • Tattoo package includes pen tools.
  • Lightweight smart device.
  • Money-back warranty.

Dragonhawk Complete Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit

Dragonhawk Tool Kit Rotary Machine, Makeup Gun 10 Pieces Needles With Power Supply Device

You want to give yourself a nice self-transformation via tattooing body arts, but you are scared of needles. Do not worry. Your fears are apparent, but you know there is no gain without pain. We share the great, innovative, most trending Dragonhawk pen tool kit machine for DIY tattooing treatment.

You are about to go through the painless odor-free, effortless tattooing experience that would cost you significantly fewer expenses. You will deal with an easy-to-use, effortless motor that will provide the electric power source to run this gadget.

It is aesthetic in appearance and straightforward working, but this product also exhibits endless, constant working hours. This product is a complete, user-friendly packaging deal. You will have to work with an innovative pen tool, ink cups, paper tape, a power supply, a set of needles, and gloves. 

If you want to do a precise fine work of line arts on your body, the pen tool will help you achieve this creative purpose. The budget-friendly smart pen tool device is right here for your extended-lasting durable services. So, your time is limited to avail of this offer. Get this device before it runs out of your access and also we have a guide on How To Put A Tattoo Machine Together.


  • 2.8 pounds net mass.
  • Capable of Nonstop working for about 3000 hours.
  • Package includes a set of needles, paper rolls, rotary pen tools, ink cups, and hand gloves.
  • Power supply device.
  • Cash return warranty.

Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Machine Kit

Dragonahwk Pen Tool Kit M1 Machine With Power Supply Device And 20 Pieces Needles Set

Here we move towards our most user interactive pen tool for the tattoo process. Dragonhawk pen tool kit M1 machine is here for your long-lasting, trustworthy service. You can study in detail the device is sturdy yet break-free, and it will give you continuous nonstop working performance for a long. 

Your required tattoo pen tool device is right here at very customers pleasing rates. Moreover, the package share with you a set of needles, medical tape roll, user guide, motor, and power supply tool. Also, you can replace the cordless battery whenever you need it. 

 The ink cup present within the package gives you the freedom to enjoy multiple-colored tattoo body arts creativity using glitter tattoo ink. The beginners would enjoy this rotary pen tool kit and present this technical purposeful pen tool to their loved ones and friends. 

You may also share your reviews and feedback with us and ask any of your questions regarding this device. Yes, we are here to answer all your ambiguities and queries. Not only the user manual is available, but also you can visit the online video tutorial that would solve your confusion and guide you through the step-by-step procedure to make proper use of this pen tool. 


  • Total 2.41 mass.
  • Regular cartridge needles are compatible.
  • Lightweight smart device.
  • Reasonable price.
  • 6 to 9V power supply

Wormhole Wireless Rose Red Tattoo Machine Kit

Wormhole Tattoo Machine Rotary Kit For Beginners 20 Pieces Of Colored Needles

You are about to go for a tattoo body art experience, but you need some motivation and inspiration. Alright, you are at the right place. We guide you with proper illustrations and a step-by-step procedure. 

Okay, now we talk about the basics of a wormhole tattoo machine rotary pen device. The device comes with multiple tools such as needles, ink cups, a tape roll for a tattoo transfer paper, a motor generator, and a power supply. 

Undoubtedly all these tools are user interactive yet very easy to use and simple in working performance. Finally, the power supply would provide 8 to 10v to start and run this pen tool tattooing device. 

In short, your desired tattoo kit is right here, only a few clicks away from your access. Grab this item from the store or order it online before it runs out of access. If you have some issues with working efficiency or quality, always feel free to contact us. 


  • 4.05 pounds total mass.
  • Lightweight products are easy to carry.
  • The product package contains a rotary pen tool.
  • User-friendly rates.
  • Easy to work, competent to carry.

Solong Complete Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit

Solong Tattoo Kit Rotary Machine Pen


As any tattoo artist knows, having a dependable tattoo machine is essential for success. Of course, it needs to be easy to use, but it also needs to be durable and reliable. That’s why so many artists choose the Solong Tattoo Pen Machine. CNC-machined from aircraft aluminum alloy, this tattoo machine is built to last. It also features an anodized finish for added durability. But it’s not just the construction that makes this machine so popular.

The Solong Tattoo Pen Kit has a power supply that provides quick and accurate voltage adjustments. This helps improve machine work stability and efficiency from the power supply. The power supply also has an adjustable output that helps you regulate the power of your machine. The Solong Tattoo Pen Kit is a great choice for a complete tattoo kit that includes everything you need to get started.

Solong Tattoo is one of the leading suppliers of tattoo equipment and supplies in China. Their Rotary Tattoo Kit is a complete set that includes everything you need to get started in tattooing. The kit comes with a tattoo machine, 20 cartridge needles, a power supply, a power cord, 8 inks, a pedal, and other accessories.


  • CNC-machined from aircraft aluminum alloy
  • Anodized finish
  • Ergonomic pen-style machine
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Low noise output
  • Comes with a power supply, tattoo foot pedal, and other accessories

How To Make a Tattoo Machine with Pen?

If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, you may be wondering how the tattoo machine works. Believe it or not, it’s not that complicated. The basic principle is simple: a needle pierced the skin and injected ink into the dermis, the layer of skin beneath the epidermis. But, of course, there’s a bit more to it than that. 

First, you’ll need a few supplies. For the machine’s frame, you can use any pen. However, we recommend using a ballpoint pen for its sturdy construction. You’ll also need two small motors, some copper wire, and some AA batteries. Finally, you’ll need a needle and some ink.

Once you have all of your materials, it’s time to start building:

  • Remove the ink cartridge from the pen body.
  • Attach the motors to the end of the pen body using glue or tape.
  • Use the copper wire to connect the positive terminal of one battery to one of the motors and connect the negative terminal of that same battery to the other motor.
  • Insert the needle into one of the holes in the pen cap and screw the cap back on.

Now, it’s time to test your machine. Dip the needle into the ink and turn on the motors.

Buyers Guide: How To Pick the Best Tattoo Pen Machine For Beginners?

Having a tattoo is a big decision. You’ll have to live with it for the rest of your life. So, if you’re thinking about getting inked, you must choose the right tattoo pen machine for beginners.

As you all know, tattooing is the body art style that provides the complete freedom to express yourself with your loved ones and those in your circle. Last but not least, the industry has invented top-rated tattoo pen machines. Especially those among you who are beginners in tattooing body arts.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a tattoo machine, such as size, power, price, and more. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. Below I’ve listed beginner’s guidlines on picking the best tattoo pen machine for your needs.


Deciding on the size of your tattoo pen machine is an important first step. If you’re a beginner, it’s important to start small. You can always upgrade to a larger machine later on. The last thing you want is to get a too big and overwhelming machine.

Alternatively, you don’t want a machine that’s too small and ineffective. It’s all about finding that happy medium. Another thing to consider is the power source. Some machines are corded, while others are battery-operated.

If you’re doing a lot of work, it’s worth getting a corded machine so you don’t have to worry about the battery running out. However, a battery-operated machine might be more convenient if you’re only using the machine occasionally.


When choosing a Tattoo Pen Machine, power is an important factor to consider. If you’re starting, you’ll want a not-too-powerful machine. Otherwise, you run the risk of making mistakes and damaging your skin.

You can always upgrade to a more powerful machine later on, but starting with a gentle and easy machine to control is best. In addition to power, you’ll also want to consider the size of the machine. You’ll need a smaller machine if you’re planning on doing small, delicate tattoos. Conversely, if you’re looking to do large, bold tattoos, you’ll need a larger machine.


Now that you know the basics, it’s time to start looking at the different features of each Tattoo Pen Machine. The first thing to consider is the needle size. Tattoo needles come in a variety of sizes, from thin to thick. So depending on the look you’re going for, you’ll need to choose the right size needle.

If you’re unsure which size to choose, ask your tattoo artist for guidance. Another important factor to consider is the power source.

Some tattoo machines are powered by batteries, while others need to be plugged into an outlet. If you’re planning on getting a lot of tattoos, it might be worth investing in a machine that doesn’t need to be constantly plugged in. Finally, take a look at the weight of the machine. If you’re going to be doing a lot of traveling, you’ll want a machine that is lightweight and easy to carry.

Smart And Lightweight To Carry

The most interesting thing you would love about these items is the user-friendly lightweight pen tools. These pen devices are easy to carry and work with, and yes, you can design tattoo art freely with the help of these lightweight rotary pen tools.

The next thing that would inspire and motivate you to buy these devices is the easy and simple working mechanism. Also, you can see how easy it is to power supply the pen tools. All necessary instructions are in the manual, yet the user guide is within the product packages. 

Finally, we suggest you get these products to your DIY stationery at home to keep in view all these customer candid features and attributes. And yes, the cash return facility is always here to entertain you and satisfy your budget-cut requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a tattoo pen machine?

A tattoo pen machine is a tattooing device used to apply permanent tattoos onto the skin. It is a small, lightweight device with an electric motor, needle bar, tube system, and power supply unit.

What are the benefits of using a tattoo pen machine?

Here are some of the main benefits of using a tattoo pen machine:
1. Precision and control. The tattoo pen machine allows you to precisely control the depth and size of your tattoos, making it easier to create highly detailed designs.
2. Speed and efficiency. Because it is much smaller than traditional tattooing devices, a tattoo pen machine can work much faster and more efficiently. This saves time and can help you finish your tattooing projects more quickly.
3. Reduced pain and discomfort. Since the tattoo pen machine applies the ink to the skin in a precise and controlled manner, it tends to result in less pain and discomfort for the person getting the tattoo.

How does a tattoo pen machine work?

The tattoo pen machine works by utilizing a small electric motor to control the movement of the needle bar and tube system. The needles on the end of the tube are dipped into the ink, and as the machine vibrates, they penetrate the skin and apply tiny dots of ink to create a permanent tattoo.

How do I choose the right tattoo pen machine for me?

Below I’ve listed some factors to consider when choosing a tattoo pen machine:
1. Size
2. Weight
3. Output
4. Availability of replacement parts

How do I set up my tattoo pen machine?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to set up my tattoo pen machine:
1. Attach the power supply unit to the tattoo pen machine and plug it into a power outlet.
2. Turn on the machine, and adjust the voltage and speed settings as needed to achieve your desired level of performance.
3. Connect the tube system to the needle bar, ensuring all needles are firmly in place and straight.
4. Dip the needles into your desired ink or tattooing solution and hold them in place at the desired angles and depths.
5. Test the machine on a piece of paper or scrap skin to ensure that it is working properly, and then apply it to your skin according to your design.
6. Carefully monitor the tattooing process and make necessary adjustments to ensure a smooth, even application.

How do I use my tattoo pen machine?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to use the tattoo pen machine:
1. Select your desired tattoo design and place it on the skin area where you want to apply it.
2. Attach the tube system to the needle bar, ensuring all needles are firmly in place and straight.
3. Dip the tattoo needles into your ink or chosen tattooing solution. Next, hold them at the desired angles and depths.
4. Turn on the tattoo pen machine and carefully move it along your selected design, applying gentle pressure to ensure that the needles are making contact with your skin.
5. Continue moving the machine along the design until it is fully applied, and then allow the ink to dry completely before removing the tattoo.
6. Clean and care for your new tattoo according to the recommended aftercare guidelines provided by your tattoo artist.

What are some safety tips for using a tattoo pen machine?

Here are some safety tips for using a tattoo pen machine:
1. Make sure always to use fresh, sterile needles and ink.
2. Do not share your tattoo needles or equipment with others.
3. Never allow children or pets to be near the tattooing area while you are working.
4. Always wash your hands thoroughly before and after each use of the machine.
5. If you experience any pain, swelling, or irritation after getting a tattoo, consult a doctor immediately.

How do I clean my tattoo pen machine?

The tattoo pen machine can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap. Rinse all soap residue off the machine and allow it to air dry completely before using.

Are These Pen Tools Smart Yet Cordless?

These pen tool tattooing devices are wise to use, but they come up with the RCA wire. 

Do These Tattoo Kits Contain The Power Wire?

Yes, all these tattoo packages contain a power supplies and power cords. Also, you can buy wireless batteries.

Are These Pen Tools Representing The Metallic Or Plastic Body Fabrication?

All these pen tools represent metallic break-free muscular bodies.

Can We Use These Machine Pen Tools For Sensitive Body Parts?

Yes, you can surely use these tattooing machines for sensitive body parts such as eyebrows, scalp, and lips.


After much research and experimentation, we have come to the conclusion that the best tattoo pen machine for beginners is the dragon hawk Pen. This pen is easy to use and provides precise results. It is also affordable and comes with a variety of different nib sizes. In addition, the Dragonhawk Pen is compatible with both tattoo transfer paper and thermal fax paper. This makes it a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of different tasks. We hope that this information will be helpful to those who are looking for a tattoo pen machine for beginners. Thank you for your time.

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