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Best Tattoo Balm Recipe

Tattoos are not only for fashion and self-expression but a proper life experience. Using various tools, products, and methodologies to get the desired tattoo is a fulfilling journey. One of the main products of tattooing is aftercare balms. In recent times, many types and forms of tattoo balms have been introduced to the market, but natural and organic are still professional’s favorites. Today, we have the best tattoo balm recipe for you to try on. 

What is a Tattoo Balm:

Tattoo balm is a special type of aftercare product for healing tattoos that helps protect the wound, providing essential vitamins and minerals and helping in faster skin regeneration. 

This enhances the importance of using a high-quality tattoo balm for healing ink wounds. The better the quality of the tattoo balm, the more fast and more visible benefits will be apparent to you. In addition to helping regenerate skin, a quality tattoo balm would also reduce flakiness, scabbing, and dryness and provide moisture to the healing tattoo. 

Healing Tattoo Balm Ingredients:

We usually see tattoo balms and presume the products’ composition, quality, and ingredients. Although commercial tattoo balms are also useful if you pick a trusted and recommended one, some people prefer natural and synthetic alternatives. We have an amazing tattoo balm recipe to fulfill the wish and desires of such thoughtful readers. 

But firstly, we need to see the required healing tattoo balm ingredients:

Natural Oils:

natural oils and essential oils are the main composite ingredient in tattoo balm since most of the benefits of a natural aftercare product come from them. Calendula and sunflower oils are among the favorite oils to make tattoo balm. 


the texture and moisturization in the tattoo balms are presided by the beeswax. It is also necessary for the proper composition of the natural tattoo balm. 

Rosehip Seed Oil:

vitamin c enriched rosehip seed oil is the next ingredient on the list to make tattoo balm. It will also provide antioxidant and swelling-reduction properties. 

Shea Butter:

Similar to beeswax, shea butter is important for providing hydration and maintaining moisturization. It is also why balm gets its distinguished texture compared to a normal lotion or lubricant. 


they are significant for the breathability and oxidation of the skin. Using grapeseed as an ingredient for tattoo balm would make you cherish the healing more refreshingly. 

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Tattoo Balm Recipe:

Following is the next procedure for developing the tattoo balm:

  • To create a natural and worthy tattoo balm recipe, you must first collect all of the ingredients mentioned above. 
  • Once you have collected the ingredients, you can start heating them on medium heat. Avoid adding the essential oils first and only focus on beeswax, shea butter, rosehip seeds, grape seeds, etc. 
  • The method to create a tattoo balm in this specific method is known as heat infusion, and it has been effective in creating antiseptics and healing aftercare balms for centuries. 
  • As all the solid and semi-solid ingredients have been liquified on heat, you can leave it to cool down for some time. Then, once the solution is at a more optimum temperature, you can add the essential oils.
  • Finally, when the solution is completely infused and appears more like a natural balm or ointment, you can store it for future usage and application on tattoo ink wounds. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How are tattoo balms better than average lotion?

Tattoo balm is better than average lotion because it has more essential qualities in addition to moisturization. While average lotion only gives you hydration, a tattoo balm provides nutrients to the skin. 

Is it okay for tattoos to peel off?

Yes, it is normal for tattoos to peel off. However, the period of the tattoo is important here; if the tattoo is new, it will scab, but a healed tattoo doesn’t usually scab afterward. 

What is the natural alternative to tattoo balm?

If you don’t want to use tattoo balm, the best option is to use coconut oil. It provides essential nutrition and moisturization to the skin. Moreover, shea butter is also essential for healing tattoos. 

Which is the best natural tattoo balm ingredient?

Coconut oil, shea butter, grape seeds, and beeswax are natural tattoo balm ingredients. In addition, different people have different formulae and ingredients to add to the solution. 

Why is tattoo balm thicker than lotions?

The balm is thicker than lotion to fulfill the significant need for healing wounds, especially tattoos. The thickness of the solution affects the moisturization of the tattoos and healing skin. Loton is generally used for mild moisturization, while tattoo balms are the best solution for intense moisturization of healing tattoos. 


So, today you have learned the best tattoo balm recipe and some of the benefits of using a tattoo ointment on healing tattoos. All you have to do is fuse all the ingredients in a prescribed manner and follow the instructions carefully. The final result would be your homemade, organic, and beneficial tattoo balm. Of course, it would help if you discussed this recipe with your tattooing expert before actually using it to avoid inconvenience. Thanks for reading. 

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