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Best Tattoo Balm For Old Tattoos

Online discussions are full of fresh tattoo aftercare but what about old tattoos and their appearance? The past few decades have shown a rapid increase in tattooing and piercing, but with time, tattoos get old and require refreshment and proper care. Hence, we would discuss the best tattoo balm for old tattoos to look fresh. Moreover, it would give a better idea of using these balms and ointments for old tattoos. 

Considering you are not new to tattooing, you must acknowledge that tattoos fade and become less appealing after a few years. There are two routes to make them appear more vibrant and attractive. The first option is to get the tattoo redone, while the latter is to keep using tattoo aftercare products simultaneously to avoid fading, etc. 

The Best Tattoo Balm For Old Tattoos:

Tattoo balms and lotions are tricky to use since bad products might lead to negative effects instead of enhancing your body ink artwork. Most of the reviewers on the internet might lead to the wrong type of products since they need personal usage and experience. We have managed to get the utmost quality products since most of these balms are personally used. 

Following are some of the best tattoo balms for old tattoos:

Best Overall: Aquaphor Healing Ointment 

Our champ is the Aquaphor ointment, not just because of its fundamental benefits but for the changes it brings to the world of tattooing. There was tattoo healing cream in the market for decades, but Aquaphor completely changed the aftercare of tattoos through their iconic moisturization and nourishment to the healing skin. The balanced texture and application on the skin have made Aquaphor the most recommended tattooing ointment of the 21st century. We already know tattoos need moisturization and gentle layering of ointment to heal, and Aquaphor for tattoos does that naturally. 

Most of us have experienced dry tattoos when a few days pass by; this usually happens because enough nourishment is absent from tattooed skin. Using an Aquaphor on a tattoo lets you keep the tattoo hydrated and avoid extra oil and itchiness from the skin. So, try out the Aquaphor tattoo ointment for yourself and be amazed. 

  • Pros
  • Best hydration for skin 
  • Balanced moisturization
  • Vibrant tattoos and a gentle feel 
  • Cons
  • It stays moist for way too long on tattooed skin.

Best Organic: After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer and Aftercare Balm

Having tattoos doesn’t mean that you don’t care about their aftercare. Similarly, care and attention to protecting the environment are also necessary. After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer is a rare product that simultaneously provides both benefits. The moisturization of After Inked balm is refreshingly smooth and results in vibrant and bright-looking old tattoos. 

The issue with old tattoos is that they have healed fully, so aftercare for a tattoo balm is not easy, but this moisturization balm is different and unique. Effective nourishment alongside easy usage allows you to use the product confidently. Moreover, the tattoo ointment isn’t specified as one skin product since all skin types can use this balm comfortably. 

If you are looking for an organic tattoo balm for old tattoos, then After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer and Aftercare Balm are advised. 

  • Pros
  • It feels light on the skin. 
  • Good for face tattoos 
  • Organic and environment friendly 
  • Cons
  • Less effective on large tattoos 

Best Natural Ingredients: Hustle Butter Deluxe Tattoo Balm

Using synthetic ingredients-based products is usually not advised by experts, especially on open wounds like tattoos. A product being natural and synthetic lead to two completely different outcomes. Hustle butter tattoo balm is an all-natural product to use on tattooed skin. It would provide all the great benefits of using a quality tattoo balm, but you won’t have to compromise with an unnatural product. 

Even when the tattoos are healed completely, non-natural tattoo products can cause the tattoo anime and other design to fade. Moreover, swelling is one of the most common issues on healed and older tattoos. So, using hustle deluxe tattoo balm makes complete sense for you. It isn’t only a moisturization cream but also covers other aspects of tattoo aftercare. 

The Hustle Butter Deluxe Tattoo Balm is great if you want an all-natural tattoo balm.

  • Pros
  • Natural 
  • Petroleum free 
  • Professionally used
  • Cons
  • The fragrance isn’t suitable for everyone

Best For Brightness: Mad Rabbit Daily Balm

Old tattoos don’t show the brightness and vibrance of newly-inked tattoos but not anymore. So exports developed the Mad Rabbit tattoo balm to provide unmatched lightness and detailing to somewhat old tattoos. The main ingredients of this tattooing ointment are herb extracts and butter lotion. Both of these essentials make up for the great appearance of a tattoo. 

The vibrance effect of this tattooing balm isn’t limited to tattoos since you can also use it to elevate the outlook of other body parts and untattooed skin. The cherry on top is the anti-aging effect of the tattoo balm. Ignoring initial aftercare of tattoos leads to freckles and rough-looking tattoos. But the anti-aging effect of mad rabbit balm should help you attain youthful tattooed skin. 

If you are worried about dull and old tattoos, utilize the Mad Rabbit Daily Balm for bright ware and vibrant tattoos. 

  • Pros
  • Refresh skin 
  • Vibrant looking tattoos 
  • Anti-aging properties 
  • Cons
  • Small packaging 

Best Against Fading Tattoos: Stories & Ink Tattoo Care Repair Balm

As mentioned several times earlier, the most significant effect of ignoring aftercare is fading of tattoos. Stories & Ink Repair Balm helps reduce fading effects if you have neglected aftercare in earlier phases of tattooing. The fact is, even if you follow aftercare, tattoos inevitably fade if you give proper attention; the time frame of fading would slow down. This would give you a detailed and fresh tattoo for a longer period. 

This tattooing balm is suitable for both men and women and consists of vegan-friendly ingredients. Swelling and redness are leading issues on fresh tattoos, and Stories & Ink ointment deal with them efficiently too. These beneficial properties of stories and ink balm have made up one of the top recommendations of tattooing experts. 

For people who desire to reduce fading of old and new tattoos, the Stories & Ink Tattoo Care Repair Balm is very useful. 

  • Pros
  • Effective for fading tattoos
  • Protective effect on healing skin 
  • Easy to use 
  • Cons
  • The thick balm isn’t suitable for every user 

Things To Look For In A Tattoo Balm:

A quality tattoo balm has several beneficial properties. If you are looking for the most proficient and well-affecting products, the following are a few tattoo balms for old tattoos:

Brightening and Vibrance

If you are using tattoo balm for old and healed tattoos, you need bright and vibrant results. Unfortunately, most older tattoos fade and details start blurring; the best solution is to use a tattooing ointment which helps make a tattoo bright and vibrant. 


The componential ingredients of tattoo balm are important to understand the functionality and specification. 


The smoothness and refreshment of tattoo balm on healing skin are really important. If your tattoo ointment isn’t smoothening and relaxing the skin, the swelling and redness of tattoos will stay the same. 

Skin Type

The skin type and body immune system of a tattooed person is important. For example, if oily, normal, sensitive, or dry, you should always pick tattoo balm accordingly. In addition, using suitable aftercare products leads to faster and more efficient effects.

Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

Sun protection factor is one of the leading features in a tattoo balm for old and new tattoos. It would help protect your tattooed skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation, intense heat, and other extreme weather conditions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are tattoo balms effective on old tattoos?

If the tattoo balm is high quality and has beneficial features, it would be effective on old tattoos. If you know the main aspects of good quality balm, it becomes easy for you to use them on old and fading tattoos. 

Can you renew the original look of old tattoos?

If your tattoo has gone old and faded, you might be worried about renewing its original look but don’t worry, as there is a reliable solution. You can buy a tattoo balm specifically for renewing the vibrance and detailing of tattoos. 

Does moisturizing help old tattoos?

Moisturization can help in better health and appearance of older tattoos. The reason behind that is old tattoos appear to be fading and less detailed due to lack of moisturization. 

How are tattoos refreshed?

The best way to refresh a tattoo is to book an appointment with your tattooing artist; they suggest a proper game plan and routine refresh the old and faded tattoo. 

Does the tattoo ink fade over time?

The tattooing ink stays the same over time, but the tattoo design looks less detailed and faded. The main reason is the removal of tattoo ink from the skin due to blood flow with time. 


After the tattoos have healed fully, the main focus diverts to aftercare of those tattoos. We have given you the best tattoo balm for old tattoos to look fresh; now you can make these tattoos last long yet amazing to look whenever. If you need clarification, ask a professional for more details and use the products per the doctor’s prescription. Thanks for reading. 

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