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Best Tattoo Artist In The World

We, as humans, have been inspired by beauty and fashion for thousands of years in different regions of the world. This has led to the evolution of beauty standards and fashion continuously. However, the fashion world is complete with mentioning the art of tattooing. Tattoos and body markings have been essential to personality expression for a long time. Since the important part of the tattooing procedure is supervised by tattooing experts, let’s discuss; the best tattoo artist in the world. In these modern times, a tattoo artist is one of the most well-known professionals in society, with an influential perception among people.

The continuous trend of changes in tattoo styles and professional skills for tattooing artists is always co-relational. The skill and talent of tattoo artists help the art of tattooing evolve, and the evolution of body inking provides more value and recognition to the artists. Whenever a tattooing method or style changes, the most efficient and beneficial way to access it is by consulting a professional. Some people like to keep their tattoos minimalist with deeper meanings, while others want highly vibrant and expressive tattoos to show the world. Such variety and versatility in the art of inking skin are impossible without professional tattooing experts’ devotion and hard work.

The Best Tattoo Artist In The World:

By discussing the evolution of tattooing and creativity in body marking, you already would have understood the importance of tattoo artists. Everyone will be curious to explore these skillful tattooing experts, but they are quite difficult to find. Like any rare blessing, a high-quality tattooing artist to complete your tattoo is very difficult to look out for. When you find a good tattooing expert, reaching out to them and booking appointments takes work. But you can stop worrying about these famous and skillful tattooing experts, as we have already found them for you.

Following are the best tattoo artist in the world:

Dillon Forte:

Tattoo design
Credit: @dillonforte


Dillon Forte was a teenager, aged 16, when he decided to choose tattooing as his lifelong professional. He had an immense love for tattoos from a young age, leading him to work on body inking art. His professional tattooing work is based in Los Angeles, California.

Business Details:

The most expert theme of Dillon Forte’s artwork is spiritual tattoos and astrological tattoos.

He uses natural elements, phenomena, and inspirations to create highly impactful and beloved tattoo styles. Many tattoo artists try to approach complexity in tattoos but fail to maintain simplicity if required. Dillon Forte has achieved expertise in balancing a minimalist approach to highly diverse tattoo ideas. These qualities make him one of the best tattoo artists in the world.

Instagram Account: @dillonforte

Number Of Followers: 207,000

Susanne König:

Tattoo design
Credit: @suflanda


Susanne König is a highly talented tattoo artist who was born in Germany. While Susanne König was learning the art of tattooing, she completed her apprenticeship in 2009. Due to her elite talent in body inking, she is named “suflanda” in her tattooing community.

Business Details:

Susanne König is now working professionally in England and enhancing her skills through client experience. Now, Susanne has a solid experience of 4 years in the professional tattooing field with a truly magical talent for creating tattooing designs. Her original and genuine tattoo styles have inspired many people worldwide. Susanne König’s craft’s recurring theme is based on illustrative and animal tattoos.

Instagram Account: @suflanda

Number Of Followers: 425,000

Alice Carrier:


Most tattoo artists are born in other regions but move to the United States to pursue their careers. Alice Carrier is blessed in that way as she spent her early childhood in the US and continued her professional work in her homeland. She was born in 1984 in Portland, Oregon, the United States.

Business Details:

The dedication, hard work, and pureness in the professional work of Alice Carrier make her the favorite of most tattoo lovers in the world. She is among very few people on earth that are equally talented and famous. Alice Carrier is not only very talented, but she’s regarded as one of the coolest tattoo artists in the world by many people. When tattoo enthusiasts visit Portland, they visit Alice Carrier to experience her craft and tattooing skills.

Instagram Account: @spirit.carrier

Number Of Followers: 116,000

Pony Wave:

Tattoo design girl
Credit: @ponywave


While discussing the best tattoo artist in the world, how can someone forget one of the best tattooing talents in Russia? Pony Wave is a Russian tattoo expert infamous around the globe for her skills and natural talent for artwork. Nowadays, she moves places to explore and learn the art of body inking, but he was born in Russia.

Business Details:

The tattooing talent of Pony Wave is currently based in Los Angeles, California. She works with clients from different parts of the States and even other countries. Her pursuit to better her tattooing skills and explore professional tattooing

Pony is a Russian artist born in Russia and began her profession there. She is currently based in Los Angeles, where she moved to pursue her dreams. While learning more about new and modern tattoo styles, she has been a sensation for numerous tattoo lovers. The highlighted theme of Pony Wave’s tattoo designs is realistic tattoos, detailing tattoos, and intimate tattoos. She is also featured in various social media and TV shows due to her unique tattooing talent.

Instagram Account: @ponywave

Number Of Followers: 253,000

Sasha Unisex:

sashaunisex Tattoo design
Credit: @sashaunisex


Sasha Unisex is a young and professional tattooing expert who loves the art of tattooing and openly expresses it to other tattoo lovers. She is based in Russia, yet her fame and significance in the tattooing world are on an international stage.

Business Details:

Sasha Unisex is not limited to traditional tattooing methods and styles, as she always keeps experimenting with new and futuristic tattoo artwork. The significance of Sasha Unisex is not limited to tattooing; she has also been collaborating with world-famous brands like Nike, BMW, and Lee, among many more. Creating floral tattoos is the most beloved genre of Sasha Unisex. The favored theme of Sasha Unisex for tattoo designs is usually watercolor and portrait watercolor tattoos.

Instagram Account: @sashaunisex

Number Of Followers: 710,000

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Mira Mariah:

girlknewyork Tattoo design
Credit: @girlknewyork


Mira Mariah is different from a typical professional tattoo artist who has visited various institutes to learn body inking. Instead, she learned tattooing through an apprenticeship based in Brooklyn. Mira Mariah has been creating professional tattoos for eight years, and her work is well-known worldwide.

Business Details:

After learning tattoo artistry in Brooklyn, Mira Mariah switched to the famous “Fleur Noire” tattoo shop to work professionally. She has been working with various celebrities and successfully designed some of the best tattoo ideas in modern times. It can cost you around 150 to 200+ dollars while get an appointment from Mira Mariah because Fleur Noire ensures the highest quality tattooing experience with standard expenditure from clients. The main theme in the tattooing designs of Mira Mariah includes simple black and gray tattoos, animal tattoos, natural designs, and floral tattoos.

Instagram Account: @girlknewyork

Number Of Followers: 217,000

Keith Scott McCurdy:

bangbangnyc Tattoo design
Credit: @bangbangnyc


Keith Scott McCurdy was also born in the United States and has worked in the tattooing industry for a long time. He has based his world-famous tattoo shop “bang bang” on New York City. Keith Scott McCurdy is famously known as bang bang in the tattooing world due to his unmatched work ethic and artistic craft.

Business Details:

Bang bang tattoo shops include some of the rarest and most skillful tattooing artists worldwide. The tattooing parlor is based in New York, and many celebrities and influencers have visited the bang bang tattoo shop. Various celebrities have used the guidance and experienced talent of Keith Scott McCurdy in his tattooing shop. The starting price of tattoos at the bang bang by Keith Scott McCurdy is 500 dollars and increases gradually according to the style and shape of the tattoo design.

Instagram Account: @bangbangnyc

Number Of Followers: 2500,000

Reese Hilburn:


Reese Hilburn is a fine example of talent ruling the art as she just started tattooing in 2013, and she’s already named among some of the best tattoo artists in the world. Instead of joining a high-profile tattooing institute, she made her private tattooing shop in San Diego; we all know that private institutes require proper teamwork and an efficient work ethic. Reese Hilburn has collaborated with Collin Snyder and Jackie Blaho in her tattoo shop to perfect the art.

Business Details:

Reese Hilburn is not a casual or hustling tattooing artist; she has been invited to famous tattoo TV series like Tattoo Nightmares, Miami. The preferred theme in the tattooing designs of Reese Hilburn is patterns and watercolor tattoo designs. She has proven to the world by her sheer talent that you don’t need any high-profile name to establish on a global scale if you are the best in your craft. The level of creativity by Reese Hilburn stuns the clients, and she has ruled the tattooing industry for quite some time now.

Instagram Account: @theartofreese

Number Of Followers: 171,000

Curt Montgomery:


Curt Montgomery is a very talented and reputable tattooing artist. He currently lives in Toronto, Canada, and his popular tattoo shop “Inside Out” is also based there. Curt Montgomery was born in a town nearby Toronto named Elora. He was born on 27th December 1980 and lived the initial stage of his life in Elora.

Business Details:

Being from a small town nearby Toronto, Curt Montgomery learned the art of tattooing and worked hard for his passion for becoming such a great professional. His passion for his craft makes him one of the best tattoo artists in the world. Some temporary tattoo designs in Inside Out tattoo shops are affordable and yet well crafted to please more clients. The favorite themes of tattooing for Curt Montgomery are humanity, peace, intimacy, and death.

Instagram Account: @curtmontgomerytattoos

Number Of Followers: 380,000


Kelli Kikcio:

kellikikcio Tattoo design
Credit: @kellikikcio


Whenever a person asks about the inspiring engagement with the audience of a tattooing artist on social media, everyone points at Kelli Kikciois. This worthy tattooing expert was born in Canada in August 1989. She rose to fame among the tattoo audience due to her method of inking tattoos. Most tattooing artists work great if asked to create larger tattoos, but only the best tattoo artists worldwide are skilled enough to ink small yet detailed tattoos like Kelli Kikciois.

Business Details:

After spending the initial time of her life in Canada, Kelli Kikcio has moved to Brooklyn, New York, to pursue her love for tattooing. She is currently working at Welcome Home Studio in NY, United States. Due to her phenomenal work in professional tattoo artistry, she is desired to work on tattoos by thousands of tattoo enthusiasts. Due to her affiliation with the renowned institute, The Welcome Home Studio, her fees are not displayed publicly. The repeated theme of Kelli Kikciois’s tattoos includes animal and geometrical pattern tattoos. If you generally try to book an appointment with Kelli Kikcio, you might now be lucky enough.

Instagram Account: @kellikikcio

Number Of Followers: 65,300

Anthony Michaels:

antmikes Tattoo design
Credit: @antmikes


If we are discussing the best tattoo artist in the world, the experience in tattooing of Anthony Michaels is among the elite. Anthony Michaels was born in Arizona in ’83 and spent his early life in the United States. He’s widely recognized in the boy-inking community for his consistency and hard work in the tattooing industry.

Business Details:

Modern methods and tattooing styles are not historical and old, yet Anthony Michaels has provided great artwork to the tattoo community for more than ten years. He infamously won the 7th session of the Ink Master Show, which helped him get recognized on an international scale. He joined the “Twenty-Five Twelve” Collective after the world finally started praising his talent and skill. The significant theme of Anthony Michaels’s work is professional and complex tattoos.

Instagram Account: @antmikes

Number Of Followers: 343,000

Tea Leigh:

tealeigh Tattoo design
Credit: @tealeigh


A talented girl from Texas, Tea Leigh has been conquering the world of tattooing and body-inking designs. Unfortunately, she had some personal problems, which led to a lack of control over her emotions. Tea Leigh overcame her weakness by using tattooing as a channel; now, thousands of girls look up to her as an inspiration.

Business Details:

She started her professional tattooing career in 2014, and from then on, she has been rising into her professional work due to devotion and passion for her craft. Tea Leigh has been designing great tattoo designs for six years, and her connection with her clients is unmatched. Like most professional tattoo artists, Tea Leigh prefers a friendly yet assertive work ethic while working with clients. This also adds to her popularity among her clients on a new scale. The most well-perceived of Tea Leigh’s tattoo designs are versatile tattoos, dark skin tattoos, and queer folk tattoos.

Instagram Account: @tealeigh

Number Of Followers: 106,000

Ryan Ashley DiCristina:


If you remember, there was a show on Paramount Network by the name “Ink Master.” The next person on our list, Ryan Ashley DiCristina, is a former winner of this popular show. She was born in Pennsylvania around 1985. Her talent and precise approach to some of the most difficult genres of tattooing have made her famous and respected in the tattooing community.

Business Details:

The skill and experience of Ryan Ashley DiCristina don’t only limit to tattooing as she has worked in fashion boutiques too. Before opening her tattooing parlor, she used to work at a private tattoo shop. However, once the pandemic hit the world, she and her husband decided to create their tattooing institute. She assembled a team of equally talented and skillful tattoo artists and named her tattooing shop the “Elysium Studios.” Her favorite theme in tattoo designs is detailed and complex portrait tattoos. The precision and quality Ryan Ashley DiCristina shows in her craft deserve to be placed in the world’s finest.

Instagram Account: @ryanashleymalarkey

Number Of Followers: 1700,000

Hannah Pixie Snowdon:


Hannah Pixie Snowdon is on the list of some of the youngest tattoo artists with global expertise. She grew up in the United Kingdom and was born in 1993. After spending her initial days in the UK, she left her homeland to pursue her passion for tattooing in other countries.

Business Details:

She is currently working professionally in Nepal to create artistic tattoo designs. But working in Nepal is not her first experience as she also had her tattooing shop in the past. Her personally owned tattoo parlor was situated in Sheffield, England. She is not only limited to professional tattoo artistry because she is also a successful social media influencer, businesswoman, and retailing owner. Hannah Pixie Snowdon has founded a community in Nepal aiming to build professionalism in the natural environment.

Instagram Account: @hannahpixiesnow

Number Of Followers: 664,000

Jess Chen:


Many people work or study in a discipline for some time and then grow to become one of the best in another. Jess Chen is a living example and motivation for aspiring tattoo artists, as she was initially a graphic designer. Then we soon realized that her real passion is tattooing, and now she’s regarded as one of the best tattoo artists.

Business Details:

Jess Chen joined the Seven Eight tattoo shop in Toronto to further polish her talent in body inking and tattoos. She is joining efforts with the Seven Eight tattoo shop to elevate the standards of tattooing and enhance the importance of quality artistic designs. Jess Chen’s talent in the appreciative environment of the Seven Eight tattoo shop is working at her full potential to build a legendary tattooing empire.

Instagram Account: @__jesschen__

Number Of Followers: 180,000


We did proper hard work and research for you to find the best tattoo artist in the world. These professionals have cemented their place in the tattooing world with their talent, passion, and devotion to tattooing. You can follow these tattooing experts on their social media accounts or visit them in their professional institutes. If you are lucky enough and you have a budget, make sure to get a tattoo designed by your favorite tattoo experts among the listing. Thanks for reading.

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