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Best And Worst Places To Get A Tattoo

Most people generalize that bony skin is worse for getting a tattoo, while muscular body regions are the best to get a tattoo. Unfortunately, most of these assumptions are based on public perception, not personal experiences. This leads to misinformation and a need for more guidance in the tattooing community. So, what are the best and worst places to get a tattoo? We will proceed on a journey to discover the solution to this question. The tattooing experience of the person mainly decides what place, size, or design of the tattoo is best and what’s worst. 

If you have consulted a professional tattoo artist, they would have advised you on the preferred and specific tattoo design. But the selection of the tattoo style and inking process isn’t fulfilled unless you have a suitable body placement. If you select a non-visible region for an expressive tattoo, what’s the point of getting a tattoo? On the contrary, if the placement is right, but the tattooing design is not suitable, you will still not be satisfied. So you must maintain a balance by providing a suitable placement for the best possible tattoo design. Today we are discussing the best and worst places to get a tattoo, so let’s focus on the placement of tattoos instead of favorable designs. 

The Best And Worst Places To Get A Tattoo:

The discussion of the best and worst places to get a tattoo is vast and diverse because it doesn’t cover one aspect of tattooing but two. So firstly, we will have to discuss the worst places to get a tattoo, and then we will gradually come to the most suitable places on the body to get a tattoo. Understand that these worst and best places are not advised by appearance but based upon the amount of pain and suffering during the inking process paired with the outlook of tattoo design. So, without wasting time, let’s first discuss some worst or most painful places to get a tattoo:

Worst Places To Get A Tattoo:

There are numerous extended queries related to the placement of tattoos that we can’t address in a single sitting. If you believe the narrative of most professional tattooing artists, acknowledging the worst places to get tattoos can secure you from a lot of pain and trauma during tattooing experiences. There is a simple science behind the worst tattooing placements. The reason is that most connective tissues, like ligaments and bones, have more sensory neurons and pain receptors than other body parts. These pain receptors are more reactive and sensitive to remaining body regions transmitting significantly more pain to the human brain. Some of the most unadvised areas to acquire a tattoo are:


Face tattoo ideas

Most neural endings are found on the human face to perform multi-functions like sight, hearing, talking, smelling, and sensing touch on the face. If you have decided to get a face tattoo, firstly, you should be experienced with tattooing, and secondly, you should select a professionally skilled tattoo artist to consult with them. The layering of skin on the face is pretty low, making the face skin thin. The face of a person will always be some of the worst places to get a tattoo if you want to avoid severe pain. 

Rib Cage:

Rib Cage tattoo ideas

A rib cage would be less painful, and tattoos will appear more stylish. The latter half of the assumption might be correct, but rib cage tattoos are painful. The rib cage is probably one of the worst places to get a tattoo because of the pain a person experiences while the tattooing procedure is happening. 


Chest tattoo ideas

The chest cavity of the human body is already sensitive enough because of the numerous organs and essential body parts. Getting a tattoo on your chest is not a job for light-hearted people; you must strongly configure your choices and prepare for the storm of pain during the inking procedure. Chest tattoos are even more difficult and painful for females due to the additional nerve endings on their anatomy. 

The Best Places To Get A Tattoo:

We have already mentioned some of the worst places to get a tattoo, but there are a few parts of our body that reciprocate a lesser amount of pain. These places are best to get a tattoo because the tattooing ink looks great on the region, while the amount of pain is also neglectable. So, the tattooing experience of the individual becomes much more satisfying and relaxing. Some of this placement might be unknown to you, so pay close attention to the advised body parts. 

Following are a few of the most suitable locations on your body to get a tattoo:


Bicep tattoo ideas

Bicep tattoos are the most famous placement of tattoo design because it’s the first choice for professional tattooing experts. Biceps tattoos are not very painful because there are tremendous muscles under the skin to protect us from pain. These muscles provide strength and shape to the arm and protect against the unwanted amount of pain during the tattooing process. You can choose many types of tattoo designs to get a bicep tattoo completed in a tattoo shop. Due to the lesser amount of pain, it is one of the best places to get a tattoo. 


Thighs tattoo ideas

Similar to biceps, thigh tattoos also look way more attractive and well-placed because of the natural appearance of these body parts. There are nerve endings on the thighs too, but thick layers of muscles on the thighs decrease the amount of pain we’ll have to suffer during tattooing. The outlook of tattoos looks unimaginably sharp and vibrant on thighs and biceps because there are enough layerings of muscles to provide perfect shape. More muscles are directly proportional to reduced pain, so thighs are some of the best places to get a tattoo


Hopefully, now you won’t be asking, what are the best and worst places to get a tattoo? The best and worst place for tattooing depends upon the amount of pain and outlook for a tattoo. Biologically the body part with more muscles, fewer nerve endings, and farther proximity to bones is best for getting a tattoo, and thin skin body parts are worst to get inked by a professional. There is no hard and fast rule to appoint body parts and get them tattooed by a professional tattoo artist. We must inform you about possible risks involving some body regions while the final decision is yours. You are independent and free to choose any of your preferred body parts to get tattooed by a professional tattooing artist. Thanks for reading. 

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